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Polyhydraminos so worried

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Amelia891 Tue 04-Aug-20 20:36:54

Hi, yes I was diagnosed with Polyhydramnios at 34 weeks. I can’t remember my pool measurements as it was 2 years ago now but I know that I was measuring 2 weeks ahead all of a sudden which is what alerted them to it. I was under consultant care from then on, had to have more scans and appointments, a diabetes test, and was brought in to be induced on my due date as they did not want me going past it, luckily I went into labour naturally just as I got to hospital. My birth was straight forward and my daughter was perfectly healthy (my water breaking was pretty dramatic though- so much fluid!!) there were no issues or complications so please do not worry. Google will give you a lot of worst case scenarios but my consultant told me that in the majority of cases diagnosed as late as both our instances, it’s ‘just one of those things’ and there is unlikely to be anything wrong with the baby. If you have any other questions let me know and good luck xx

maria860 Tue 04-Aug-20 20:05:01

Bump up please has anyone had this

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maria860 Tue 04-Aug-20 16:47:10

Hi I've been diagnosed with polyhydraminos they said the deepest pool is 12.2 I'm 33 plus 4 it was 10cm last week and had risen by two today.
The doctor called me today and has booked me in for another scan Friday evening and a fetal medicine appointment Tuesday to be scanned again by a specialist.
I worry a lot and keep crying it's my first girl after boys and never had this happen before.

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