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Panorama test gender accuracy

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[AUTO]1mstlkdftn8mg Tue 04-Aug-20 12:26:40

Had a panorama at 9.5 weeks - all good deliberately left gender off - at 12 week scan sonographer voliunteered if I wanted to know as it was obvious - she was sure it was a boy (it was on maternity hospital she very experienced ) so I requested my panorma results to be reissued with gender and it's saying female - confused and worried ! They don't normally say anything at 12 week scan but she said it was so obvious .
She did say "don't hold me to to " "but I'm long enough doing this to know what o can see " to cover her self .
Online there seems to be occasions where panorama genders have been wrong but also I'm aware that human error is also possible in scans .

Wondering if any one has or knows any cases where the panorama has been wrong (rather than who you would "choose" to believe ) Thanks

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PrimeraVez Tue 04-Aug-20 13:09:06

I would trust the Panorama! The earliest my consultant would commit to saying girl or boy was 16 weeks both times.

ivfdreaming Tue 04-Aug-20 13:15:44

It's very unusual for Sonographers to "volunteer" that information at 12 weeks - in fact even private scan clinics will only offer gender scans from 16 weeks due to the inaccuracy at such an early stage .....

At this moment I'd trust the Panorama test BUT pretty sure on the Antenatal Board only a few days ago someone had the same issue but at the 20 week scan when it's supposedly much more accurate?

Watching with interest though as I just had my Panorama test yesterday and I'm having twins and they said they'd be able to tell me boy/girl for each twin!

MrsN2121 Tue 04-Aug-20 13:18:41

I'd go with the panorama with it being a blood test over a scan.

[AUTO]1mstlkdftn8mg Tue 04-Aug-20 13:39:49

Yeah I feel she wouldn't have said anything unless it was so obvious - she does these every day of the week . There also the potential for sample and lab mix ups so it's very hard to get a handle on accuracy . Will have to just sit it out til 20 week scan

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