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Baby changing bag

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Bubblegum21 Mon 03-Aug-20 13:59:53

Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a good changing bag and where they got them from please?

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thismeansnothing Mon 03-Aug-20 14:04:04

A good rucksack will do the trick. I got a Jansport one from TKmaxx. Plenty of space, practical to carry and doesn't have a zillion compartments to lose stuff in

Piper1879 Mon 03-Aug-20 19:25:59

I got this one from aldi for my baby due in a month , £17.99 , rucksack style came with the straps portable changing mat

EssElsiee Mon 03-Aug-20 19:30:25

HEYI Diaper Tote Bag - Travel Backpack Organizer, Black

April1990 Mon 03-Aug-20 22:16:18

@EssElsiee Just ordered this myself!

Megan2018 Mon 03-Aug-20 22:25:35

Rucksack style is a must if you use a sling or carrier. I have this one and it’s been great. I use cloth nappies and wipes and loads of room.

Hafmall Changing Bag Backpack Waterproof Travel Baby Bag, Stylish Large Capacity Nappy Backpack with Changing Mat and Stroller Straps (Black+Gray)

New2020 Tue 04-Aug-20 04:23:45

Would anyone recommend the Nuby changing backpack?

And any top tips for things to look for in a changing bag?

BelfastNonBlonde Tue 04-Aug-20 04:44:59

I have a packapod backpack
Got it secondhand but perfect condition of eBay for way cheaper than new
Great size and not naff looking

mrs87 Tue 04-Aug-20 06:05:55

Baby not due for another 4 weeks so can't comment on how good it is, but we went with this backpack-style one from Amazon based on its very good reviews and the price!

mrs87 Tue 04-Aug-20 06:07:06

I actually think it's pretty much exactly the same as the one @Megan2018 has suggested, looking at them!

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