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IBS and peppermint tea

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saltandvinegar33 Sun 02-Aug-20 21:42:10

So I think I'm looking for reassurance from some lovely mumsnetters, I'm nearly 11 weeks pregnant and my IBS has been so bad to the point it's kept me awake over night.

I went to doctor google and found peppermint tea was great for IBS, I went straight out to get some today and I've had two cups today and my stomach does actually feel so much better! When celebrating this fact with dp he asked if it was safe in pregnancy? So of course back to google I go, now I've found quite a few things saying it's possibly not safe and can bring on menstruation so isn't recommended before 12 weeks. So now I am one worried mamma to be.

Have other people drank it in pregnancy?

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Leah91 Sun 02-Aug-20 22:03:37

Hi! I've had peppermint tea fairly regularly throughout my pregnancy, probably max of a cup per day, about 4 times a week. I wasn't aware there were known risks but I'm now in my third trimester and I read somewhere that a lot of peppermint can reduce milk supply so I've stopped drinking it now (just to be on the safe side). But overall I felt like it was fairly safe as long as you don't have absolutely loads, if it was a definite proven risk I think it would be on the NHS website with a warning. It's up to you but don't feel guilty or worried about anything you've had so far!

saltandvinegar33 Sun 02-Aug-20 22:14:55

Thank you so much for replying! I did think the same about the NHS website it just says on there not to have more than 4 a day which I haven't so I'm trying not to worry too much. There's just so many do's and dont's and I don't want to do anything wrong. It's good to know that you had been drinking it and you're now in your third trimester so thank you for that 😊

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MrsK89 Sun 02-Aug-20 23:42:22

I drank it everyday in first trimester, for ibs and it kind of helped the nausea.
I'm 30 weeks now so I'm sure you'll be fine with 1 or 2 a day x

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