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peonyrose87 Sun 02-Aug-20 14:59:30

Hey, I’m 10 weeks and also have fibromyalgia/CFS. Before falling pregnant this time I was in the best place I’d been in two years health wise-waking 5-7km per day, fully independent, working again, which after being night housebound for most of two years was great. In the last two weeks my exhaustion and pain levels have increased so much, and I know this is a normal part of pregnancy at this stage. Any advice for getting through it when you have a chronic illness too?

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Ahmehleh Sun 02-Aug-20 16:41:03

Hiya lovely, I'm pregnant ith my first, 23 weeks along and I have had CFS for 9 years. (I'm 27). You need to plan your day and rest as much as you possibly can in between working, which might mean cancelling social things and lowering the amount of walking you do. Don't be afraid to ask those around you to pick up the housework and stop activities BEFORE you feel too tired to carry on. I'm a moderate sufferer, operating at about 50% functionality on average. I had a really rough 1st/2nd trimester so far but the past two weeks I have felt the best I have ever felt since getting ill. I really hope you start feeling better soon xx

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