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Movement at 27 weeks

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mummytobe85 Fri 31-Jul-20 15:47:10

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and still haven't felt any movement. I've got an anterior placenta and have seen my midwife twice in the past month. Each time she's listened to the heartbeat and has said everything is fine. When should I start getting worried as 27 weeks seems quite late to have still felt no movement at all? Thank you in advance!

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BobCat2020 Fri 31-Jul-20 17:57:58

Hey OP. I'm 27 weeks and have an anterior placenta too. I feel movement on the sides of my belly but not the front. If the midwife has done her checks and all seems well then I wouldn't worry, but I know that is easier said than done!

FlowerPig Fri 31-Jul-20 18:18:39

I don't have an anterior placenta so it may be different but my community midwife told me that hearing a heartbeat doesn't necessarily mean baby is okay and to judge from movements.
If it has you worried contact the hospital ward, I'm sure they'd be happy to do the checks for you and put your mind at ease smile

Sanch1 Fri 31-Jul-20 19:35:40

I would contact your midwife or maternity triage into for advice. From what I've read and been advised if you've not felt baby move by 24 weeks then you need to be seen. I've had two anterior placentas and felt baby by 20 weeks. I really think you need to call for advice.

NWnature Fri 31-Jul-20 20:39:35

I have an anterior placenta and movement was very sporadic at 27 weeks. I could occasionally feel the baby low down at the sides but no pattern and some days barely anything!
My midwife said not to worry til 28 weeks especially as you know you have an anterior placenta. I’d go in and see them though and say you have still felt nothing as it would be good to get a scan to check everything is ok. We had a private one at 28 weeks. I’m now 30 weeks and still don’t feel loads of movement but I do feel the baby once a day. I’m going to discuss with my midwife at the next appointment how I’m supposed to track a pattern as it’s really hard!

MichelleOR84 Fri 31-Jul-20 20:52:13

I have an anterior placenta and constantly feel baby move and can see and feel it from the outside . I’m 24 weeks . There are also lots of people who go an entire pregnancy not even knowing they were pregnant. I agree with PP and would get that checked out further though . I’m sure it’s fine though !!!!

AlviesMam Fri 31-Jul-20 21:29:38

I'm 27 week with anterior, got monitored last night as I felt like I had less movement from the last few days. It's still definitely not strong but my trace came out ok. Ring advice line and go in to get monitored , your midwife should be explaining things better really.

Sls668 Fri 31-Jul-20 21:46:13

My midwife said they have stopped telling women where their placenta is now as women with anterior placentas were being told ‘it’s fine if you don’t feel the baby move, it’s to be expected’ so I’d definitely ring and get checked just to be safe.
I’m 27 weeks with an anterior placenta (found out at a private scan) and baby moves non stop. I can feel it more in some places than others but at my 25 week appointment my midwife said I should definitely be able to feel her as she’s bigger than the placenta now

TenThousandSpoons0 Fri 31-Jul-20 21:54:17

Hey - as above, if you haven’t felt the baby at all yet then that needs a review/referral to obstetrics. May all be fine - but you ideally need a scan to check that baby is actually moving. Did you see lots of movements on the scan at your anatomy scan? As above anterior placenta can definitely interfere with feeling movements - and also if you have a quite high BMI then sometimes that makes it harder to feel as well - but just needs to be checked out.

Mmmmycorona Fri 31-Jul-20 21:58:24

I had an anterior with dd and didn’t feel her much but definitely by 27 weeks. Echoing pp, I would be seeking alternative advice.

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