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Positive result?? See picture

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mumandcub Fri 31-Jul-20 05:31:08

I’ve taken 2 of these tests and both times they’ve come back with a faint line where positive should be.
I was impatient and only waited 24 hours between both tests.
Please let me know your opinions as to whether this is a positive or a negative result. Did the same results happen to you at first?

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luckyrabbits Fri 31-Jul-20 05:32:57

That looks positive to me

sel2223 Fri 31-Jul-20 06:13:39

Did the line come up straight away? How many dpo are you?

It certainly looks positive to me!

mumandcub Fri 31-Jul-20 06:18:59

On both tests the line came up within less than 2 mins. I have no idea as I don’t track anything 🙈 period was due yesterday. Don’t feel any different but didn’t with my first pregnancy to start with. Just in Tesco yesterday and thought I’ll buy a cheap test sure it’ll be negative and low and behold this is what I got. Will test digitally next week just to be sure!

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wannabe123 Fri 31-Jul-20 11:31:41

That looks positive to me!

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