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Has my water broken?

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Aug122020 Fri 31-Jul-20 02:59:35

So I got up to go to the toilet ten mins ago, as I was sat I felt a sort of ‘pop’ or ‘click’ sensation.

I thought I had finished but as I stood up a small gush of water comes out and on to the floor, I quickly sit back down but it seems to have stopped /be dripping barely any.

Could this be my waters? I don’t know whether to wait til morning to ring MAU if nothing has started by then, or ring now?

I’m currently 38+2.

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Aug122020 Fri 31-Jul-20 03:02:19

Also to say since lying back in bed i seem to be slowly dripping a drip of liquid every so often and it doesn’t have a smell!

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FriedasCarLoad Fri 31-Jul-20 03:17:51

Sounds like waters breaking to me. Put a pad on so that midwives can check it (later) and for now get as much sleep as you can. Good luck!

ThanksMateThanksMate Fri 31-Jul-20 03:38:52

My 3rd baby was my only non induced so I never knew what waters breaking felt like.
I'd been having "sensations"
At 40w+3
I was standing talking to my Mum and thought I had farted!
It was a pop.
Then the waters were running down my legs and my toddlers were asking if I was doing a pee pee.
Then me and my mum were cheering!!

ThanksMateThanksMate Fri 31-Jul-20 03:41:26

The "pop" bit is your answer.
Here comes your baby!! Congratulations!

MrsMontgomerySmythe Fri 31-Jul-20 03:45:36

Yes they have
You have just perfectly described what happened to me.
Son is now 20 smile

Just keep in mind that they like baby out without a certain time period of the waters breaking. 20 years ago it was 40 hours.
Something to ask the midwife maybe so you know when to go in.

luxuryholiday Fri 31-Jul-20 04:17:08

I'd say yes.

Maybe ring them to let them know as they like to have the baby out within a certain timeframe.

Aug122020 Sat 01-Aug-20 06:07:55

Update guys, baby is now here!

Waters went then by 4am was having intense contractions, got to hospital and was 5cm at 7am, was 10cm by 10.30am and had baby at 3pm after 4 hours of pushing! 😬 💕

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VictoriaBun Sat 01-Aug-20 06:12:26

Congratulations flowers

Monstamio Sat 01-Aug-20 06:12:37

Congratulations, op! Lovely news flowers

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