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18 weeks pregnancy nerves

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Ducky1900 Thu 30-Jul-20 21:20:58

I'm 18 weeks soon with baby No. 2.
I'm being ridiculous but...
My sickness has finally gone at 16 weeks.
I feel absolutely fine, feel like I've no bump, I just feel a bit fatter.
I haven't felt her once either.
I was told at my scan that my placenta was anterior, so that's why I know, but Im still worrying if everything is OK....
Anyone reassure me!? Please!

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peachypetite Thu 30-Jul-20 21:22:59

I’m anterior too, sickness went at 16, only felt definite movements this week at over 22 weeks. Don’t worry.

sel2223 Thu 30-Jul-20 21:31:59

I found weeks 16-22 really hard as I just didn't really feel pregnant at all. My sickness had all but stopped, my bump was really teeny and unnoticeable to others and I wasn't feeling movements till over 22 weeks due to an anterior placenta.
The scan reassured me for about a day but it wasn't until I felt movements that I really felt any better..... and then began the anxious anterior placenta rollercoaster of reduced movements that seems to be par for the course (i'm 38 weeks now and worrying more than ever)

Ducky1900 Thu 30-Jul-20 21:39:59

Yep agree.
This anterior placenta is going to kill me with worry.
I had reduced movements throughout my last pregnancy, they were so sporadic, then got to 39 weeks, was scanned and he had stopped growing at 37 weeks.
I'm pretty sure the 2 were linked and now I'm not going to know with this one if the same thing is happening.

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