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mrsHartley Thu 30-Jul-20 14:04:53

I just had a shock positive test. (Now 7 positive tests)
My oldest is 11 my youngest only 7 months old.
My appointment to get the implant was postponed due to covid so I was put on the pill. I was advised to stop that and change to another as it didn't suit me well at all.
Honestly feel awful. Feel guilty. Scared I won't give my baby the attention she deserves.
I'm just completely confused as I took all precautions.
I don't think I could terminate but I really didn't want this so soon. Positive stories appreciated.

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kittenpeak Thu 30-Jul-20 14:12:38

What a shock. Was this today? Are you in a relationship with the father, and if so is this a reaction based on his reaction? (Maybe you're feeling like this as he was shocked??)

I would turn off Mumsnet. Breathe for 24 hours. And see how you feel tomorrow.

I was trying with my hubby for 4 months, and when I got a positive test I went into shock and felt negatively about it for a few days.. despite trying.. bizarre. Relax and breathe and tomorrow you'll know how you feel more.

Take care x

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