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C section/breech

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JLB88 Wed 29-Jul-20 19:42:18

Hi everyone!

I know the answer is going to vary but I just wanted personal experiences.

For anyone who’s had a breech baby what week of their pregnancy were you booked in for a c section?


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BeeFarseer Wed 29-Jul-20 19:45:17

I was booked in for 38 weeks, but I needed a section due to several reasons. Originally it was going to be 39 weeks, but it was moved to 38 when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

They didn't actually realise he was breech until he was delivered so I've just realised my answer is pointless. blush

scrivette Wed 29-Jul-20 19:53:17

Footling breech was booked in for 38 weeks.

LoveRainbow02 Wed 29-Jul-20 20:03:50

Following this thread as I found out yesterday baby is footling breech. Only 31 weeks so still time to turn but I like to know options lol.

TimeForLunch Wed 29-Jul-20 20:56:54

I was booked in for week 39 but DD decided to arrive the day before and so it ended up being an emergency section. All fine though. Very quick recovery.

DS (4 years later) was also breech and section was again booked for 39 weeks as the consultant was hopeful he would turn so that I could have an VBAC (which I really didn't want). He didn't turn but did hold on until the scheduled section and all was well that time too.

princesspeppax Wed 29-Jul-20 20:58:21

I was booked in for 39weeks however ended up going into labour at 38+5 so had an emcs

TenThousandSpoons0 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:05:33

39 is standard for breech, there usually would have to be an extra reason to do earlier.
Currently 33 weeks and hoping my breech baby still turns!!

UnalliterativeGeorge Wed 29-Jul-20 21:07:16

I was booked for 39 weeks but helpfully went into labour as I got home from booking in the section and went straight back to the hospital that evening grin

DiploCat1 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:13:44

41 and a half weeks! I wanted to try for a vaginal birth which my consultant was happy with so it was a back up. In the end my waters broke at 40+2 but I didn't go into labour for 12 hours so opted for a section then.

DiploCat1 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:15:58

I've just reread your OP. Did you mean what week did they book in your section, as in arrange it? If so, then I was 36+5. Went in for an ecv but when they couldn't attempt it (cord round neck) we booked my section in.

DiploCat1 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:16:49

I've just reread your OP. Did you mean what week did they book in your section, as in arrange it? If so, then I was 36+5. Went in for an ecv but when they couldn't attempt it (cord round neck) we booked my section in.

FoxtrotSkarloey Wed 29-Jul-20 21:24:18

I had an ECV at 38 weeks which didn't work so confirmed that day for c-section to go ahead at 39 weeks.

Hellothere19999 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:28:22

They didn’t know my baby was breech..... even 24 hours into labour. FIVE different midwives. One doctor checked me and knew she was breech so performed a c section. Horrific, but I think it is better for the baby to start their own labour.... my friend had a planned section and his lung collapsed. (Can happen with planned sections as baby’s aren’t ready to come but I don’t think it’s common). So if I have another breech I will try natural and have a section if necessary.

JLB88 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:52:12

Thanks for all your replies guys! I’m a first time mum with no clue how anything works hmm
Baby is has been breech for some time now. Going in for a scan tomorrow (I’m 36 weeks) to see if she’s moved since the last time and if not I guess to discuss the possible next steps.

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MrsH497 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:56:08

39+2 is when our little one arrived we only found out at 38+4 that she was breech. Attempted an ECV at 39+1 and booked in for a section next day so was very quick!
Really lovely experience relaxing which given the circumstances was surprising. Reasonable recovery as well. 11 weeks on and I'm pretty much all recovered x

FoxtrotSkarloey Wed 29-Jul-20 22:03:03

@Hellothere19999 Sorry to disagree but in case it affects the OP's thinking, need to point out I've been told numerous times the safest c section for both mum and baby is planned vs emergency. I do hope your friend's little one was ok, but likely to have been exception. Obviously the OP needs to take the advice from her consultant!

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