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Is my midwife lazy?

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Emma5557 Wed 29-Jul-20 17:35:22

Hi all, I am at the first pregnancy and I've chosen St. Thomas hospital in London. I had my first scan with blood test and urine last Monday and I haven't received any results yet. Is it normal? I am checking the app, but nothing has been updated. In addition, during the scan I asked if I could talk to the midwife given I have found out I have hyperthyroidism through a private blood test and they told me to send an email. Guess what? I've sent 2 emails but still nothing. I am not worried because in the meantime I had an appointment with the gp who was happy to arrange for me a blood test to monitor the situation. I just feel left alone and this just makes me lose my trust in the midwife role. Thanks

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willowandsage Wed 29-Jul-20 17:40:01

I remember it took two weeks for me to get the blood test results back after the first scan, and was advised it could be up to 3 weeks so I don't think the wait for results is that unusual.

It is odd that your midwife hasn't replied to your emails though, how long ago did you send them? I always used to leave it a week until I chased on the phone, due to how busy my midwife was with home visits and clinics, especially if it's not something majorly urgent

SillyBub Wed 29-Jul-20 17:41:49

@Emma5557 You might want to get your post moved as this is Style & Beauty

Username6345789 Wed 29-Jul-20 17:44:16

Regarding the urine and bloods if there are no abnormalities they just usually discuss them at your next appointment (usually 16 weeks don’t know if covid may have changed this). I can’t comment on the other issues but they will be able to see your GP notes so could it be a case that they know you have seen your GP and the matter has been taken care of? Do you have a phone number if they are working in the community/remotely that may be easier.

TheDIsiilusionedAnarchist Wed 29-Jul-20 17:49:12

Sounds totally normal. Honestly they will only get back to you quickly if blood or urine results are abnormal otherwise they will pop them in the post (hospital post takes forever) and/or give them to you at the next appointment.

The sonographer who told you to email most likely has no idea what they’re talking about and has no idea how the midwife team work. Generally better to call. There may be a central line it is better to call. Also unless you are under a caseload model, you don’t really have a midwife of your own. The named midwife system is a bit of a joke. Basically you’ll be one of a few hundred women under a particular team so when you call you could get anyone of them. Things can easily slip so always worth taking personal responsibility for anything you think it’s important.

NHS maternity care can be excellent but It is designed as a safety net system not a supportive one. You get the care that keeps you and the baby safe but support needs to be found elsewhere. However if you develop a problem and when you are in labour, you will hopefully find that you receive good care.

Tuemay Wed 29-Jul-20 17:50:35

I am not sure that warrants then being lazy tbh.

They might just be busy with other women?

MinesALatte Wed 29-Jul-20 18:16:52

I had to chase my blood results, I had to go in for more but they didn’t phone me, I had to chase for a week - 2 weeks after they were taken!

What app is it you’re using? Is it a St Thomas special one?

I’ve been told I might not even get a dedicated midwife so I’m panicking at the minute about seeing someone different each time and not building up a relationship with a very important role in this!

Haggisfish Wed 29-Jul-20 18:18:54

Also, does your blood test meet the uk hyperthyroid requirements? Big debate about this at moment. Might be worth going to gp and asking for referral to consultant instead.

LittleBearPad Wed 29-Jul-20 18:22:42

I really wouldn’t worry about not building up a relationship with your midwife. The ones you see in clinic are unlikely to be on the delivery ward but that’s fine too.

Emma5557 Wed 29-Jul-20 18:29:58

Thanks everyone. I've asked to move the post as I posted it by mistake in the wrong thread.

I am using the app called "Maternity Notes" -I think most hospitals use this one.
The app shows one midwife with her mobile phone, but I didn't want to use it as it's not an emergency.
I am just waiting for the results for peace of mind and to see if I am anaemic (I am vegetarian so I want to make sure I am eating the right amount of the right stuff).

I sent the email 10 days ago and another one to communicate I am due to have another blood test as requested by the GP.

@HaggisfishMy hormones level are too high and GP agrees with what the endocrinologist told me. So I guess this means that meets the UK guidelines. I have been told it will go away as the pregnancy progresses but in the meantime I need to monitor the situation with blood tests (I am also taking a low dose of a medicine).

I guess I will wait till the next phone appointment with the midwife...

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Oatmilk1 Wed 29-Jul-20 18:51:16

I am also with St Thomas and use mat notes app.

They don't update the app with results until your 16wk phone call. You should be notified if anything is an issue.

I have always had a good email response though (and don't have a phone number for community midwives).

However, if you have a concern and are not getting email replies then that justifies you using the mobile number you have been given.

MinesALatte Thu 30-Jul-20 01:16:47

Thank you @Emma5557! I’ll be asking about that app next time I speak to the team!

Canadianinuk1 Thu 30-Jul-20 10:51:23

Same boat here. At my booking appointment the midwife I spoke to said she would check my thyroid levels at the time of my 12 week appt (I’m hypothyroid) and when I showed up for my bloodwork they told me no, it’s just the basic stuff, the midwife never added thyroid labs to the list. They also told me to email my midwife team (not sure why there isn’t a phone number to call!!) and I’ve heard nothing back. I don’t have a GP, I’m new to this country and have no idea what to do to get my TSH checked. This is just one of many issues I’ve already experienced with them. I’m quite frustrated with the care here, it makes me just want to go back to Canada and have the baby there lol

Emma5557 Thu 30-Jul-20 15:42:40

@Canadianinuk1 i feel your frustration. It's definitely something that needs to be should register at the gp in any case, but in the meantime you should call the midwife. It's annoying there is no phone number of the midwifery team...

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