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Are there any good nursing bras???

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Flossie333 Wed 29-Jul-20 08:56:19

Hi all- I have been trying to find a good nursing bra and have tried SO many on and am just so disappointed! My latest try was the M&S santoni full cup nursing bra, which I really thought I couldn't go wrong with, but my boobs looked so misshapen 🥴. I definitely don't need anything glamorous, but just something that is supportive, gives your boobs proper shape without looking like a total 'boulder holder'- wondering if that just doesn't happen with nursing bras...

I'm normally a 32 E but have been wearing 34F in pregnancy. I'm 34 weeks now so when I finish work at 37 weeks I will go and get fitted and check out the shops if possible, but just wondering if anyone has any good starting points. I think bravissimo looks quite good?

Would love to hear if anyone has a brand they swear by! Thank you xx

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fool11 Wed 29-Jul-20 09:02:30

Have a look at Cake maternity

Flossie333 Wed 29-Jul-20 09:06:22

@fool11 ooo thank you they look great! X

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NameChange30 Wed 29-Jul-20 09:13:58

You really can't beat getting fitted in person and you're right that Bravissimo is good.

I've always shopped at Bravissimo including in pregnancy and for breastfeeding.

Obviously the most important thing is to get your size right and then you can try various styles to see which fits best.

In the early days your boobs will fluctuate in size/shape quite a bit so a soft stretchy bra is a good idea, I always recommend the Sugar Candy bra to everyone (it's sold at bravissimo but also slightly cheaper on various online shops). In the early days with DC1 when I was just at hospital or home getting the hang of breastfeeding, I wore nursing vests most of the time (rather than bras) and would recommend the Hot Milk nursing camisoles as they do a bigger cup version. (I also had H&M ones but my boobs fell out of them!)

After that I got non-wired and flexiwire nursing bras from bravissimo but I will be honest with you, they were never as good as underwired bras (I need scaffolding for my boobs!) and it was relief to eventually be able to wear decent underwired bras again! I bought normal bras and used a conversion kit from the suckle store to turn them into nursing bras. That's further down the line though when your boobs have stopped fluctuating in size.

Flossie333 Wed 29-Jul-20 10:02:45

@NameChange30 so helpful - thank you! Think all the bravissimo shops are still closed in London but hopefully they'll open in a few weeks xxx

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