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Paris shopping suggestions

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MarchMum Mon 01-Oct-07 10:57:13

Am off to Paris at the end of October for a weekend of shopping for LO and maternity.

I am intererested in the entire price range (mid/higher for layette stuff, lower for clothes) so send me all your suggestions!

slim22 Mon 01-Oct-07 12:33:18

OK, I'm your girl!

Spent 2 weeks in Paris with my best friends just B4 DS1 shopping for "layette" as they call it.

For all round shopping reasonnably priced you can't beat "Du Pareil Au meme". They have many outlets, google it, the catalogue is also online if you want to browse.

The traditional french nursery shops are "Jacadi" and "tartine et chocolat". Gorgeous PJs and proper little cardigans.

If you want a real treat then there is only one place: "Bonpoint". Here again various outlets but I'll share a little secret with you. Their main shop is rue de l'univesite (St Germain)....and a few numbers down the road they have a discount shop with items of previous season. Considering they always do the same stuff.....worth having a look. I got the most gorgeous cashemere baby blanket there for a fraction of the price.

All the big department stores have nice baby sections. My favorite is "Le Bon Marche" (St Germain again-rue de sevres) where half of the basement is dedicated to baby/child

You will also find very good value items in Monoprix, espetially if you want to stock up on petit bateau undies/pyjamas and toileteries. If you have not tried the mustela range yet, go for the cleansing milk.I could not live without!

I" green with envy as I'm in singapore and no Paris shopping this time.

Anna8888 Mon 01-Oct-07 12:42:23

Actually, Bonpoint opened a flagship store on rue de Tournon two years ago and it is really worth a visit even if you don't buy much (though I challenge you to resist) as it has the whole collection and is really inspiring.

Petit Bateau is a real French stalwart for layette and they have opened some really nice big stores with their whole range - there's a lovely one just opposite Le Bon Marché and another one on Champs-Elysées.

BonTon has just opened a baby store where its children's hairdresser (RIP sad) used to be, at the corner of rue du Bac and rue de Grenelle. Gorgeous.

Go to Parashop if you want a full range of French pharmacy mummy and baby products at the best prices - lots of branches, try rue de Rennes near Montparnasse when you emerge from le Bon Marché.

On rue de Courcelles in the 17th there are loads of baby shops including Mon Plus Beau Souvenir where they do the Lili Gauffrette range (among others). Oh, and try also Blanc d'Ivoire baby shop in rue du Bac or rue de Courcelles.

MarchMum Mon 01-Oct-07 13:32:04

Thanks for being my girls! Great info...

slim22 Tue 02-Oct-07 01:04:34


PS: If you are looking for baby perfume, try tartine et chocolat (pink & blue version).....sooooooo sweet.

MarchMum Wed 03-Oct-07 07:31:41

i've never heard of baby perfume...i love the french...

BagLady75 Wed 03-Oct-07 23:10:12

Notsobig on rue Tiquetonne.

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