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When did YOU start showing symptoms?

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Bubblemonkey Tue 28-Jul-20 15:40:44


We had a hole in a condom a couple of nights ago the day of ovulation. Neither of us realised till I checked it because I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right.

I’ve spoke to a pharmacist who said the MAP won’t be too effective with where I am in my cycle & I'm not too keen on the thought of getting a coil in when babies are on the radar at some point in the semi near future.

I’ve spoke to my DP & have agreed we’ll roll with it & if it happens, it happens. That being said, my nerves are shot.

How long after sex did it take for you to start showing symptoms? What were your early signs? 😊

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ChickenDipper28 Tue 28-Jul-20 15:54:09

The week before my period was due, I had really bad period like cramps which I just thought was AF coming. Lasted probably just over a week. When I was about 4 weeks pregnant, I kept getting hot flushes then my sickness started at 5 weeks! ☺️

Hlb278 Tue 28-Jul-20 16:15:05

Extreme bloating, tightness in stomach from bloating, quite painful trapped gas in stomach were mine, starting at about one week before period was due- then extreme tiredness once i was a couple of days overdue- and I just felt something wasn't quite right smile

TiddleyWinks123 Tue 28-Jul-20 16:19:41

I was 4 weeks pregnant when I started my first signs - heartburn, tiredness, sore boobs!

Bubblemonkey Tue 28-Jul-20 16:38:12

I keep getting twinges at the ends of my pubic bone, start of my groin. I think 4 days after the deed is gonna be too soon to have any sort of signs?

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physicskate Tue 28-Jul-20 16:52:12

Far too early. Most 'early symptoms' are caused by progesterone and would have happened regardless of pregnancy. Hcg is what causes the symptoms. Once hcg is detectable, it's possible to have symptoms, but more likely as hcg levels continue to rise.

Hcg can be detectable as early as 10 days after ovulation, but obviously, the closer you are to af (or even beyond it) the higher the hcg is going to be and so you can become more symptomatic (some women have zero symptoms of pregnancy until they get a bump, and some don't even get much of a bump!).

serialplanner Tue 28-Jul-20 17:51:10

The day before my period. Really crampy as if it was coming then bam a BFP!

biscuit13 Tue 28-Jul-20 17:58:30

@Bubblemonkey a couple of days before period was due I kept having hot flushes which I thought was weird (thought we had missed ovulation), really painful boobs (but normally get that before period)
Found out at 4 weeks day of period being due, didn't start having sickness or tiredness until about 6 weeks, i remember feeling lucky that I might be getting away with it, then I felt horrendous until week 14.
Good luck, I hope its the outcome you want!

Carabu1 Tue 28-Jul-20 17:59:28

Ha, so far never...! I'm 18 weeks pregnant, and honestly apart from being a bit more tired than usual I wouldn't know. I don't even look pregnant yet, and I have had none of the classic symptoms.

Bubblemonkey Thu 30-Jul-20 17:29:56

6 days later & I definitely feel veeeerry sick. The only hormonal nausea I get is the day or 2 before my period. I’m not due on until the 10-11th. No real bloating but my nips feel like they keep getting static shocks. Are the early first response tests are really all that for early detection?

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physicskate Thu 30-Jul-20 18:37:19

Check out the link. It tells you likelihood at getting a 'correct' positive by dpo for each brand.

Bouncytree Thu 30-Jul-20 19:21:59

@Bubblemonkey ekkk I totally feel you. But hold tight, it’s far from inevitable

If sperm and egg end up in the same place at the same time there is a 30% chance you will get pregnant. So that means there is a 70% chance you are not.

Also once you start to look for symptoms you find them. I have been trying for my second child, so I should know well. But I was totally convinced in 2 cycles I was pregnant because of what I thought were symptoms. I really should know better!! You focus on your body and things that you are feeling anyway become symptoms. Everyone does it, the chat forums are full of us talking about it. When I feel something I have to ask myself, is there another plausible explanation? If the answer is yes, I don’t count it as a symptom.

The only clear sign something may be up is your missed period. The soonest you would possibly have symptoms is After implantation a few days before your period.

It’s agony waiting I know!!

Fingers crossed for you

YouBringLightInToADarkPlace Thu 30-Jul-20 19:37:41

10 do, insanely sore boobs, both times.
No other symptoms until about 6 weeks.

crazychemist Thu 30-Jul-20 19:45:57

10/11 dpo both times. First time round I wasn’t all that sure, but second time round I was pretty convinced. Absolutely nothing at all before that point though, and I’d been tracking my cycles for ages.

kittenpeak Thu 30-Jul-20 19:47:36

2.5 weeks after ovulation I had severe kidney pain (or what I thought was). It was so bad I called the GP thinking I had kidney stones. It would keep me up at night and I was weeing every hour for about 3 days. I'm not joking. My urine sample said my kidneys were fine.
A few days later, I got a positive test. (3.5 days after ovulation I think). It was a very dark line.

Reason I rang the GP is because I absolutely did not put two and two together. Apparantly lower back pain is common but this was something else!

I don't think you will feel any symptoms for at least 2 weeks. Constipation was an early one for me too.

Sophiehannah95 Thu 30-Jul-20 19:49:07

about two and a half weeks after conception (so like four and a half weeks pregnant in doctors terms) I started getting symptoms, but only tiredness x

AvoidingTheWineAisle Thu 30-Jul-20 19:53:13

Sudden nausea both times.

When my period was already a week late with DC1 (I’d had no symptoms until then, so didn’t think I was pregnant). Went to sip a G£T and retched so badly at the smell I thought ‘ohhhhh’...

3 days before my period was due with DC2. Had to pull over on the hard shoulder to projectile vomit 😬

Lola871 Thu 30-Jul-20 19:57:36

I think 6 days is too early for symptoms as implantation wouldn't have happened yet. I didn't really get any symptoms until 5-6 weeks so 1-2 weeks after period was due.

fiadhflower Thu 30-Jul-20 20:31:29

I noticed increased discharge - it was different to normal. Started about 22 days after my last period and it continued for ages. And probably at about four weeks after my last period I felt nauseous. Tested at 4.5 weeks and was positive. I didn’t start vomiting until about 6 weeks I think!

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