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Teeth whitening whilst pregnant

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Stargazer87 Tue 28-Jul-20 05:25:22

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and usually use Phillips Zoom nite white (home teeth whitening gel). I've been using it for the last few nights (the first time since becoming pregnant) and just realised it says not to be used by pregnant women! Does anyone know why this is and if I will have done any harm? So worried as I had no idea it wouldn't be allowed...

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bee222 Tue 28-Jul-20 08:22:39

I would assume it’s due to the bleaching chemicals used in the gel which you end up ingesting. My dentist advised me to stop my whitening treatment until after I’ve given birth and stopped breastfeeding.

Zhampagne Tue 28-Jul-20 08:34:33

You are at a higher risk of pregnancy-related dental issues at the moment, especially with your gums, which is why you get free dental care with your maternity exemption certificate. You are unlikely to have done any damage in a few nights but best to stop using it now.

Stargazer87 Tue 28-Jul-20 08:36:07

So do you think it's more the risk factor to my gums rather than the baby?

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Zhampagne Tue 28-Jul-20 09:17:55

I'm not an expert by any means, OP, and you should check with your midwife or dentist if you are worried, but remember that any small amounts that you have swallowed will have to pass through your digestive system before reaching your baby via your bloodstream. The amounts will be absolutely tiny after only a few nights.

annemarie2 Thu 30-Jul-20 00:33:40

Dental nurse here also pregnant and missing my zoom kit - we cant use it whilst pregnant or breastfeeding because it hasn't been tested yet to say its safe to do so. We tell our whitening patient to stop use in pregnancy due the chemicals in the products and the unknown concerns. Saying that, the few times you've used with be of minimal concern to your baby I'm sure! Try not to worry too much, your baby isnt in the early stages of development etc xx

Stargazer87 Thu 30-Jul-20 05:47:12

@annemarie2 Thanks, I didn't even think about it being an issue so was quite worried when I found out! 🙈

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