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Worrying too much about what people think

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Nov19 Mon 27-Jul-20 11:07:57


I'm about 5 weeks pregnant with #3. My second child is 9 months old so there will be a close, but planned age gap. It may be my hormones but I'm starting to worry a lot about different things. I'm worried about miscarriage, something being wrong with the baby (which are valid pregnancy worries) but i've now started worrying about what people will think of me having a third when the time comes for me tell people.
I have an overbearing member of the family who a few weeks back said she hopes I don't have any more babies. I'm unsure why the comment was made because financially we can afford a third, we're near the end of buying a larger house and we have plenty of time and energy. I shouldn't have to justify why I would like a larger family but there we go. I try to take this person with a pinch of salt as she's older and through the years lost her filter. I know it was a passing comment but i took it personally at the time, questioning whether i was a good mother or not.
I'm a massive over thinker anyway which really doesn't help any aspect of my life. My first child isn't my partner's biological child, so when I had my second child which is my partner's first, I didn't enjoy the pregnancy for fear of being judged. In hindsight, everyone was delighted for me as I'd left a toxic and abusive relationship and me and my son have the perfect partner/dad now.

I don't really know what I'm asking here, just maybe for some kind words?

I'm feeling quite low which I've put down to hormones, even though overthinking is definitely the main culprit.

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tinatsarina Mon 27-Jul-20 11:26:32

Hi I'm in a similar boat 4 weeks 4 days with number 3 with a 6 year old and. 5 month old. My family are all overbearing but I'm slowly beginning to phase out contact except for necessary circumstances

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