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28 weeks and working

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bluemoon2468 Sun 26-Jul-20 20:39:59

They have a right to do either, so most likely they'd furlough you. I've been furloughed under similar circumstances. Employers are allowed to furlough people based on clinical vulnerability and it's not seen as unfair discrimination.

AlviesMam Sun 26-Jul-20 19:13:32

Hi just after some advice.
I'm back to work next week, I'll be nearly 27 weeks pregnant.
My managers are aware of the government guidelines and advice about no social contact from 28'weeks pregnant. (I am a spa therapist and carry out massage etc)
I said im comfortable and happy to work up until 35 weeks as we have the correct PPE and there is an option for me to work on the reception behind the screen.
If they turn around and say they don't want me to work and can't find me alternative work (it's hotel based) would they suspend me with full pay or would I be put back on furlough? They have told me to expect a phone call tomorrow about my situation so this is what has made me think they may be making changes. There is mixed advice online. TIA x

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