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Leaking waters/ wee

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IceIceCoffee Sun 26-Jul-20 19:07:12

Hi, I’m 21 weeks pregnant and pretty certain I’m leaking wee a lot. It smells like wee and the baby is Still low so I imagine that’s it. However my only worry is it happens about ten times a day trickles of it and although it smells of wee I’m not sure it should be happening so much so it’s making me slightly concerned it’s waters? Although it doesn’t smell sweet.
Anyone experienced pregnancy incontinence at this level?
Thank you

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Hatscats Sun 26-Jul-20 21:12:01

My bladder weakened around 20 weeks too, I think it’s quite common. I’d mention to the midwife, and get the pelvic floor exercises going. I’m hoping post pregnancy it will improve!

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