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Is it normal to get period type pains at 37 weeks

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maryd84 Sun 26-Jul-20 00:29:19


I'm 37+2 and for the last couple of days I've been getting intense period type cramps in my lower abdomen and lower back ache. It comes and goes. It's worse when I'm standing and walking around.

Also a really heavy feeling when I'm walking like the baby is really low down. And feeling like I have to poo every time I go to the loo. TMI

Are these normal pains for this gestation or could it be a sign that labour is near🙂

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thenightsky Sun 26-Jul-20 00:30:30

I had that with both mine. I went into labour with both at 38 weeks.

PastMyBestBeforeDate Sun 26-Jul-20 00:32:48

It could well be that things are starting but it could still be a week or more away. At 37 weeks you are considered full term so make sure your bag is ready.

maryd84 Sun 26-Jul-20 00:32:54

Oh thank you. Hopefully not too much longer so🙂

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sel2223 Sun 26-Jul-20 00:33:37

I'm 37+2 and have had the same for the last week or so. I've spoken to a few people and it seems to be fairly normal in the run up to labour but it could still be days or weeks away. I don't think it's a sign of anything happening immediately.

maryd84 Sun 26-Jul-20 00:34:17

Yep bags are ready. Sorted out some nice snacks for my bag yesterday🙂

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LuckyC27 Sun 26-Jul-20 08:00:40

I'm 37 weeks and seem to wake up with period pains every other night, other nights completely fine so strange 🤷🏻‍♀️

CarlottaValdez Sun 26-Jul-20 08:02:11

I had this from about 37 weeks but didn’t go into labour for another 4 weeks! Was so annoying

Rainbow714 Sun 26-Jul-20 08:46:21

Im 37+1 and started with period like pains yesterday too. Was wondering if it was the start of things!

2020AUG Sun 26-Jul-20 12:52:50

I'm 37+4 and getting cramps, back ache and pressure low down too. It comes and goes so don't think anything is starting yet but I hope this doesn't go on for weeks on end🤞.

LynnThese4reSEXPEOPLE Sun 26-Jul-20 12:54:36

Regarding snacks - check with the ward if you like peanut based snack - I had to send all of mine home boo hoo, as someone was allergic!

Wowthisisreal Sun 26-Jul-20 13:33:32

My labour started with my water breaking spontaneously at 38 weeks and then period cramps about 3 hours later. Baby was born 4 hours after that!

mrs87 Sun 26-Jul-20 22:11:48

I'm getting this at 34+1, for the last week I've had period pains/lower backache every evening and sometimes wake up with them in the night. It doesn't seem like Braxton Hicks as no tightening but it's annoying!

Saoirse22 Mon 27-Jul-20 08:37:41

Goodness, I came here to ask this exact question! grin

I'm 36 weeks and I'm having this kind of pain for the last two days. Not the whole day thankfully, but when it happens, it's pretty terrible. Saturday's pain developed into pain so bad I couldn't stand upright, only do tiny steps while being totally arched. I was on the verge of crying and had to go to bed. I can't really differentiate whether it's all coming from my back, uterus or maybe bowels, everything hurts. There's no tightening, just this massive painful pressure.

I do know for a fact baby is low, I had a scan at 33 weeks and baby was already extremely low. They even had trouble with taking a good look at the head because of how low it was! The midwife told me the baby dropped at 36 weeks appointment last Friday.

I don't know what to make of this, but my bags are ready confused

maryd84 Mon 27-Jul-20 14:31:53

Thanks everyone. Its reassuring to know I'm not the only one experiencing these pains.

Hi @Saoirse22, I feel the exact same with the pain. For a while yesterday evening it was so bad that I couldn't stand up straight. I'm feeling a lot of pressure down low too.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed it doesn't go on for weeks. It's good we have our bags packed anyway 🙂

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