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Fanny daggers at 21 weeks

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Piggle21 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:56:58

Has anyone else experienced fancy daggers at 21 weeks? How long did they last for? Did you have one or a few over a bit of time?

Just wondering as I have had shooting pains on the left side of my groin (sorry tmi) since about five

Thanks smile

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LouiseTrees Sat 25-Jul-20 23:00:20

I believe the more accepted term is thunder crotch!

Pinktruffle Sat 25-Jul-20 23:25:48

I've always gone for fanny daggers! I had it a lot at the end of my first trimester/beginning of my second. It's kind of eased off now. I've read ita common in the third so no doubt it'll be back!

SpillTheTeaa Sat 25-Jul-20 23:37:44

Yes! All the time in my 3rd trimester! I once got them when I was eating my Chinese and nearly dropped my curry! It actually felt like he literally kicked me in my vagina.

peachypetite Sun 26-Jul-20 08:27:36

I’ve had this on and off since my first trimester. It’s horrible. Not a lot you can do though!

Havlerr Sun 26-Jul-20 09:23:04

I’ve had them on and off from 23 weeks and they’re still going strong at 37 weeks. Found the fastest way to get it to stop is just get up and do a little jump across the room, the sudden movement helps shift the baby off the nerve.

Piggle21 Sun 26-Jul-20 09:34:20

Thanks will try that next time. I have been in hospital as there was a faint positive result on an amniotic fluid test so now any slight cramp or pain is sending me into a complete panic! But as it was just the one side I wondered if it might be more to do with a nerve.

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