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Anyone used an alternative to plastic umbilical clamp?

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honeyapple Sun 30-Sep-07 19:23:42

hiya, i was thinking it would be really nice to use something other than the horrid big plastic clamps they use on the umbilical cord... has anyone used a piece of string or something like that? I have asked my MW to ask her colleagues, she seems pretty happy to use an alternative as long as it works ok...

Any thoughts welcome!


pigletmaker Sun 30-Sep-07 21:05:43

why would it be nicer to use a piece of string than a piece of plastic?

are you planning on keeping the piece of blood encrusted string?

I did keep the plastic cord clamp from my first, but was able to clean it - otherwise I think it might get a bit stinky.

honeyapple Sun 30-Sep-07 21:31:02

Because the plastic clamps dig in to the baby's tummy. (This is my third baby... due in under a month) I just thought that surely there is a more natural alternative...

to anyone else... i am only really after positive suggestions thanks

jamila169 Sun 30-Sep-07 21:44:56

I used stranded cotton for DS2's all 8 strands of three colours, plaited together then boiled and put in the freezer until I needed it - did 2 one pink , one blue!
I don't think it got tied tight enough so slipped off the next day, but it was all sealed up by then anyway so didn't need anything on and the stump fell off after 4 days, no smell and no scratchy clamp either.
You can also get a cotton tape made by ethicon which is about 1/4 inch wide that works according to the great Mary Cronk. I'll probably do it again for #4 , didn't for DD cos being a HBAC x 2 with a doula, a pool and homeopathy stunned my midwife enough without that!
Lisa x

lulumama Sun 30-Sep-07 21:47:03

jamila.. that is a glorious idea ! am going to note that down

and congrats on your HBA2C

marvellous smile

WestCountryLass Sun 30-Sep-07 21:48:43

Am intrigued as have never thought about this but there must be traditional/historical means of clamping the cord before the plastic clamps were invented. I searched and got this:

In nonseverance scenarios, also called lotus birth, the umbilical cord is wrapped up to within an inch of the newborn's belly, and the entire intact cord is allowed to dry like a sinew, which then falls off.[4]

That is one option to investigate! Then I found this:

But no personal experience, jsut what i've Googled

pigletmaker Sun 30-Sep-07 21:51:44

I didn't know the reason - which is why I asked you why string would be "nicer". I honestly though you might simply have had a whim. But your explanation makes sense. I didn't experience the clamp digging into my first LO's tummy, but it did fall off very quickly.

I hope you find some realistic suggestions that you like.


Slacker Sun 30-Sep-07 23:48:56

Used cord tape for my last baby - much nicer, even though the midwife had never used it before she did a really neat job. Will plan to do the same this time.

Mintpurple Mon 01-Oct-07 04:00:13

Before the plastic clamps, midwives used cotton tape, but I like jamilas stranded cotton idea.

If you are doing this, make sure you put 2 seperate ties on, in case one slips off, and tie them really tightly.

Much nicer than plastic clamps

honeyapple Mon 01-Oct-07 09:30:30

thank you everyone for your fantastic suggestions, i knew there must be an alternative. smile And thanks for the googling westcountrylass.

Jamila- I know I am having a boy, so I think I'll pop out and get some blue and green and purple threads to plait. smile

Mintpurple Mon 01-Oct-07 10:28:49

honeyapple - you realise your threads are going to be <mintpurple> and blue?

jamila169 Mon 01-Oct-07 21:53:54

MMM - I've got to do it again now haven't I?
must remember to put it in my birthplan.
Lisa X

MummyDarlingSausage Mon 01-Oct-07 22:16:01

the stranded cotton sounds a nice idea. piglet, i kept both clamps from my dd and ds - was actually dissapointed that ds's was pretty clean when it came off as dd's had more stuff on it and a bit of dried up cord which i actually like having. i don't know if i should be blush

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