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Maternity Brands Recommendations

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Annie1211 Sat 25-Jul-20 17:36:42

Where is the best place online to buy maternity clothes? Nothing pricey ☺️

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Soph88888 Sat 25-Jul-20 17:46:41

I normally find the quality is rubbish and rarely shop there but 90% of my mat clothes have been from their mat range!
Got a few bits from topshop too, rate their Jean's and worth the £

TruffleMama Sat 25-Jul-20 17:53:56


I've found that hardly any high street shops have much maternity wear in store at the moment. COVID is to blame according to staff. I've avoided online shopping. I prefer to see/feel clothing. Obviously we can't try on in store at the moment but seeing clothing in person let's you get a better idea of the size.

H&M have some nice maternity bits but Primark has been a Godsend! They don't have maternity clothing but I've done fine with just buying bigger sizes of flowy skirts with elasticated waistbands. Not expensive and they'll likely last me right through my pregnancy

peachypetite Sat 25-Jul-20 18:00:22

Dorothy Perkins and Jojo maman

Stargazer87 Sat 25-Jul-20 18:09:28

I haven't managed to get anything from boohoo that isn't see through unfortunately! 🙈 Seraphine is lovely! It's a bit pricey but they've got a big sale on at the moment, it's the best quality maternity wear I've found!

WeeScottishWife Sat 25-Jul-20 18:10:37

I really like Jojo Maman Bebe - their sale selection can be pretty good, and a much friendlier price smile

peachypetite Sat 25-Jul-20 18:36:14

Boohoo is cheap shit.

Needmoremummyjuice Sat 25-Jul-20 18:37:13

The over the bump new look leggings have been a staple (about £14 for 2 pairs and wash really well) George at Asda have some bits online and have been ok and I invested in one pair of top shop maternity jeans which have been fab and much better than any others I tried. Otherwise like PP said primark/supermarket a few sizes up T-shirt’s, vests, shirts etc. Congratulations

Needmoremummyjuice Sat 25-Jul-20 18:38:40

Also if you don’t mind second hand/budget dependant, have a look on local selling pages etc lots of people sell bundles on when done with them really cheaply.

Gerdticker Sat 25-Jul-20 19:25:29

Personally, I have learned to avoid the cheap stuff (George asda etc) and buy a few quality items instead

In my first pregnancy all my lovely cheap asda stuff shrunk/ripped hmm

Jojo stuff (look out for their Online outlet) is great quality generally and will last several pregnancies!

Buying up a size is ok for the early stages of pregnancy, but I found when you get properly huge 30 weeks +, you really appreciate something that is cut to fit your actual size.

Seraphine winter leggings are fab as they are a tad thicker and therefore flattering

I hate boohoo/ASOS too - they treat their workers like crap, quality is crap!

If you spend a bit more you can always sell it afterwards either! Checkout Facebook & eBay for 2nd hand stuff x

MichelleOR84 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:11:48

I know you said morning pricey but I have to recommend Seraphine! Their stuff is such great quality and so flattering . They look great throughout your entire pregnancy and even after . A lot of their stuff is nursing friendly and I continued wearing their stuff for a year postpartum. Now I’m pregnant again and still getting wear out of them . Even though it’s pricey I feel it’s worth it in the long term, plus you don’t need to buy a ton .

DJBebe Sat 25-Jul-20 20:14:12

I've bought all of my maternity clothes from H&M and New Look.
H&M are better quality.

LatteLover12 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:17:35

I have to agree with @MichelleOR84 I've bought most of my maternity clothes from seraphine and they've been fab. True to size, fine to wash etc

My last two pregnancies I wore a lot of high street/cheap online stuff and the difference makes it worth the extra money.

Next might be a middle ground option?

glasshalfsomething Sat 25-Jul-20 20:21:19

eBay. For Topshop, Gap and New Look second hand. If you’re careful you can pick up key pieces - dresses, jeans etc for under a fiver.

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