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Fading pregnancy test progressions!

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OnMyJourney Fri 24-Jul-20 18:00:36

So from the 17th to the 22nd I had some bleeding which seemed nothing like my normal period at all, it started off a brown/light pink colour then it was bright red for about a day and a half and then it would only kind of be when I wiped, there was 1 big clot in with the blood, on the 22nd I then took an ovulation test to start my new cycle and it came up 100% positive straight away and I thought that was odd so I took a few cheap pregnancy tests and they sort of looked positive so I took a FRER and it came up really clear positive! So then a day later (23rd) I took a FRER again and it's positive still but the line is fainter, so I took another again today and it was even fainter, my clearblue ones look like they're the same or slightly darker but I'm just really confused and I really want to know what this all means did I have a miscarriage or was it implantation bleeding or are my tests faulty! What's everyone's opinion I'm slightly freaking out confused

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Mummy120494 Fri 24-Jul-20 22:21:21

Was you late at all for your period or were these the normal dates for your period . If so it sounds like a chemical pregnancy similar to what I had . I tested positive a day after my missed period few days later tested again but the line was fainter . started cramping and bleeding a week after my period was due which started off brown then went to red blood and some clots. After bleeding I did the same tested for ovulation and it was positive aswel as a pregnancy test would still show up positive basically the HCG hormone which a pregnancy test detects is still in your urine even after miscarriage for a good few weeks x

OnMyJourney Fri 24-Jul-20 23:02:14

@Mummy120494 this bleeding actually started on the day my period was due, I tested before I started bleeding and while I was bleeding and I didn't get any positives until the day it finished bleeding, I got the clot on about day 2 of bleeding, I've spoken to my GP and he said he's not sure so he's told me to speak to a midwife so it's just a waiting game with a call from them I suppose 🤞☹️ I'm sorry that it happened to you, it's not nice to go through!❤️xx

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Mummy120494 Sat 25-Jul-20 09:23:23

@OnMyJourney oh I see doesn't sound exactly the same as me then as I didn't get bleeding until a week after my missed period , I'm really not too sure then I mean people do bleed in pregnancy it could be a number of things but yeah think your best bet is waiting for a scan or have bloods taken ! Thankyou no it was awful but hopfully this one will stick around smile good luck to you x

OnMyJourney Sat 25-Jul-20 15:43:27

@Mummy120494 Thank you, you've helped me feel a bit better and I hope you have good luck! 🥰🥰xx

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