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12 week scan guesses

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emmab96 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:31:58

Hello! wanted to see what everyone's guess was on what sex my little one will be just for some fun hahagrin

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SpunBodgeSquarepants Wed 22-Jul-20 15:42:12

I reckon you're having a girl!

emmab96 Thu 23-Jul-20 16:37:28

@SpunBodgeSquarepants thanks for guessing haha x

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emmab96 Thu 23-Jul-20 16:38:20

Anyone else would like to take a guess? I'm currently in hospital unrelated to the baby they're fine so I'm very bored hahasmile

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GoshHashana Thu 23-Jul-20 19:12:19

Aw. That's a cute scan pic! I'm going to say boy. Skull shape looks boyish to me.

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