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You know when your hips hurt so much because you're so pregnantly fat ...

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WriggleJiggle Sat 29-Sep-07 23:56:56

How soon after the birth does it get better? Are we talking about waking up the next day and thinking 'Yipee, I can move without all my joints having to click first', or does it take a week or so, or (please, no) does it take a month or so?

Emprexia Sun 30-Sep-07 12:42:03

It took a couple of days for my hips to stop hurting. But as i was in hospital with DS for those couple of days, i wasgood by the time we got home.

WriggleJiggle Sun 30-Sep-07 13:12:06

Thats reasuring. I can cope with a few days. Thanks

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