Can you have heavy implantation bleeding with endometriosis?

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SnooperTrooper12345 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:50:19

Hi. I don't have endo.
However. It sounds quite normal in term of implantation bleeding. I have had it with all 4 of my pregnancies around 5-7 weeks.
The doctors have all said its implantation bleeding from the foetus burying deeper.

Also, just a heads up that taking a test will still be positive, even if it was a miscarriage. They stay positive for sometimes up to 4 weeks

Ten87 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:48:59

@Vic0512 what was the outcome?
I had endo last surgery 3 years ago it was clear.
Im now 33 and have a 4 day late period followed by brown for one day then red for 1 and im on day 2 of red. 2x positive home tests. Did you end up all ok? I'm waiting on bloods and may need a scan and im terrified!

Vic0512 Wed 22-Jul-20 18:23:04

Thank you for your replies, its such a horrible thing having Endo. You are exactly right @milney25, drs dont seem to know anything! I think i have learned more through google and reading forums!

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HavelockVetinari Tue 21-Jul-20 21:06:27

Endo can mean anything. The important thing is that tests are getting darker (indicating an increase in HcG)

milney25 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:44:37

I have endometriosis and have had implantation bleeding and bleeding throughout the first 12 weeks of both of my pregnancies. They couldn't ever give a reason, but I assume that it's to do with the endo - docs aren't exactly known for diagnosing endo related stuff are they!

Wishing you the best of luck x

Jadegkeaney Tue 21-Jul-20 20:40:19

I have stage 4 endometriosis I had some brownish implantation bleeding but then couple weeks later would get more fresh blood when wiping. Had scans and turns out I have endomettioma in cervix but it stopped not had anything since.. I'm 26 now. Everyone is different I guess

Vic0512 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:12:31

Hi. This is the first time posting for me and just hoping someone has been in the same boat! I have endometriosis, and been TTC for 3 years. I finally got (what i think) are 3 faint positive lines on FRER. I also have loads of early pregnant symptoms. 2 days later, i started bleeding. Nothing in a pad, but watery when i go to the toilet (sorry TMI!) I have had it for 1 and half days up to now, but just wondering if anyone thinks this is miscarriage or late implantation, or if its normal to experience this? Im too scared to take another test at the moment as i feel i am going to be so disappointed.

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