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Baby moments - I can sometimes see but not feel!

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Prettylittlelady Tue 21-Jul-20 14:38:24

I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow and baby is generally a pretty active girl. Some days are busier than others but I feel her every day and the couple of times I’ve felt worried I’ve popped in to get checked.
I’ve noticed - actually just now, that my tummy is moving and I can’t really feel the movement so if I wasn’t watching my tummy I wouldn’t register that she’s moving. Is that normal? I do have an anterior placenta so maybe that is something to do with it?

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Brenna24 Tue 21-Jul-20 14:39:45

You are right. Baby will be pushing on the placenta. I had one too and didn't feel much either.

Superscientist Tue 21-Jul-20 14:58:26

I've been getting this more in the last few weeks I'm 36 weeks. I think it is when she is moving around but not necessarily "kicking" so the force is less. I also now see her moving far from where I feel the kick so if the kick was somewhere you couldn't feel you probably would just see the movements.

sel2223 Tue 21-Jul-20 15:16:07

Yes, it's normal. I have an anterior placenta too and get this sometimes.

I had a growth scan yesterday at 36+4 and could see baby moving around on the screen but couldn't see or feel anything at all so the placenta at the front definitely cushions a lot.

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