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chemical? Dye stealer but bleeding

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Pregnancyaftermolar Mon 20-Jul-20 21:15:29

I am so confused. My last period was the 29th June. Lasted the normal time for me, normal flow etc. Started having light cramping almost exactly two weeks AFTER my period and mentioned to friends how weird it was. Had some light bleeding like the end of a period type, was very confused so took a IC. faint positive. The next day took another, stronger positive (very clear). Took a FRER, blazing dye stealer. But I have been light bleeding/spotting ever since. Took a clearblue and it said 1-2 weeks. I just dont understand the dates. At all. Two days later after still bleeding lightly (on and off and some bloody urine which was definitely in the urine as the sample for the test was bloody.) No pain, but the next FREE was marginally lighter. What the hell is going on? Someone help me... am I having a chemical?

I had a complete molar pregnancy and GTD with EMACO chemo 7 years ago and obviously this is a minor worry but it is really rare to reoccur so many years later....

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