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Will I still go into labour if I do not dilate ?

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Fazz44 Mon 20-Jul-20 20:37:26

This might sound random but it is bothering me so thought it may be good to ask if anyone knows the answer/s.

I am 36 weeks pregnant & am full of labour anxiety & worry. I'm sure that everyone woman feels this too, it's just doing my head in.

My didn't dilate with any of us (mum has 4 c-sections) due to not dilating. Mum sadly had a still birth with 1 of her daughters.

I think this is where my severe anxiety comes from. Does anyone know if the dilating part of labour is genetic, could I be the same? I am so worried that I won't dilate & I will end up losing my baby.

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MichelleOR84 Mon 20-Jul-20 20:58:16

I can’t answer your question but if this helps at all , I did not labour like anyone in my family .

My mom and two sisters all went 1-2 weeks past their due dates , had simple straight forward labours . Meanwhile my labour was the complete opposite in every possible way.

I was always told I would labour similar to your mother but not my case at all !!

ShirleyPhallus Mon 20-Jul-20 21:03:59

I also didn’t dilate but my mum and 2 sisters both had easy, very natural births

Most likely if you don’t you’ll be put on the induction drip which should do the trick. Monitoring is constant so if the baby doesn’t take well to it then the dr will know right away and a c section is possible

Good luck. All the above happened to me and it really was fine

Fazz44 Mon 20-Jul-20 21:25:39

Thank you so much for the messages, does make me feel at ease that it probably isn't hereditary & hopefully I will dilate naturally
& go from there.

Thanks again thanks

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DJBebe Mon 20-Jul-20 21:39:31

I asked my midwife if the labour process can be hereditary as my mum gave birth to me very quickly, but the midwife said it is not hereditary and every woman will be different.
Hope all goes well for you.

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