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Swollen ankle at 10 weeks

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kirstenn123 Mon 20-Jul-20 08:45:35

I have a swollen ankle at 10'weeks pregnant

I haven't had any injury to it , or any bumps at all. I noticed it yesterday when I was at work
My job does require me to be on my feet all day so I wear trainers with insoles in ( I also suffer plantar fasciitis in both feet )

Should I be worried ? I had a bath last night & that hasn't helped. I elevated my foot with a cold flannel on it ( as suggested by the internet ) & that hasn't helped so I went to bed for work today. During the night the swelling went down a little bit

Back in work this morning , it has swelled again.
I've put a tubular bandage on as suggested by a co worker who suffered this whilst pregnant.

But should this be happening at 10 weeks ? I thought this happened later on in pregnancy ?

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