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Weight gain at 20 weeks

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tossacoin1 Sun 19-Jul-20 18:58:07

I'm 20 weeks and have gained 12 pounds, is this too much? I just can't stop eating junk food and it's really getting me down. I've put on so much weight and I know it's not baby weight as my thighs have got huge. How much weight did you gain at 20 weeks?

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Lola871 Sun 19-Jul-20 19:01:33

At 20 weeks I had put on 3lbs from my start weight but 7lbs from my lowest weight at 12 weeks. Everyone is different, it depends on your start weight as well (if you're overweight initially you should put less on).

12lbs doesn't seem like that much, this calculator is quite good as it adjusts depending on your start weight

333mumtobe Sun 19-Jul-20 19:19:49

I don’t think you should be too hard on yourself. You’ve gained just under a stone and you’re already half way through your whole pregnancy. I know the feeling where you just can’t stop going into the kitchen but try and stock up on fruit and healthy snacks that have more nutrients than junk food and also that will sustain you for longer. Junk food is filled with crap so that once an hour has past you’re ready for round two. I’ve put on about 1.5 stone and I’m 32 weeks and I can definitely feel it on my thighs but bear in mind that during pregnancy the body wants to store fat on the upper thighs and tummy for milk production later on down the line. At the same time think to yourself am I actually hungry? (That’s what i try asking myself anyway) with lockdown it’s been tough. I naively thought I could stay at the same way throughout pregnancy as I had put on a bit of weight during the few months prior to becoming pregnant (was 68kg when I got pregnant and I like to stay at 64) but that was just unrealistic. Eat when you’re hungry, try and eat stuff that will benefit the baby and just don’t be too hard on yourself.

Also, I know it’s easy when you already feel down about having put on weight to think oh well I may as well just go for it then seeing as I’m already unhappy with my weight but remember that it’s a lot easier to lose a stone or two when you’re ready as opposed to 4!

Hope some of that helps xx

milney25 Sun 19-Jul-20 20:29:00

I think that sounds ok. If you gained a pound a week from here on, you'd be at 32lb in total. So just over two stone. I'm 27 weeks now and was worried about my weight gain, despite being pretty healthy. I'm at 19lb.

MaverickDanger Sun 19-Jul-20 20:47:15

I’m very nearly 19 weeks and have put on 11lbs.

I’d love to be able to keep weight gain to under 25lbs so 11lbs at nearly halfway there doesn’t feel too bad to me.

I’m eating three meals a day and trying to make them mainly salad/veg and protein heavy, with the odd snack.

This weekend has been a bit of a blowout with a pub lunch out with cake yesterday and a McDonald’s today though!

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