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36 week scan

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Bellsx Sun 19-Jul-20 17:32:37

Hi ladies I have my 36 week scan tomorrow but I'll only be 35+4 as I'm going away on Friday and that's the only time they could fit me in so I was wondering does that matter if it's a bit earlier and also what happens/do they look at during the scan please.

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sel2223 Sun 19-Jul-20 17:39:54

I've got mine tomorrow too when I'll actually be 36+4, don't think it matters up to a week either way.
I got told they will check all the measurements and also that they look at babys position, blood flow, placenta and fluid around the baby.

lockdownpregnancy Sun 19-Jul-20 17:49:40

OP have they given you a 36 week scan as a routine scan or did they refer you?
Im 30 weeks and got told at my 20 week scan that that's it now and no more scans unless they need to check on baby for whatever reason!

sel2223 Sun 19-Jul-20 17:55:15

@lockdownpregnancy in my area it's 12 and 20 weeks as standard too.

They only offer extra scans for medical reasons like repeated reduced movements, concerns over growth, issues with mother or babies health, concerns about the location of the placenta or position of the baby etc. Things like that.

In a normal, low risk pregnancy with no extra concerns identified at midwife appointments, the 20 week scan is the last one.

Avearage Sun 19-Jul-20 17:55:43

I have a 36 week scan growth scan and checking the position of placenta x

Bellsx Sun 19-Jul-20 18:13:01

@lockdownpregnancy it's a routine scan which I thought everyone now had in pregnancy due to checking that the placenta is still working as it should be. I was told at my 20 week scan that this may be cancelled as I was classed as low risk and due to the current situation but I am a high risk pregnancy due to epilepsy of which I've only ever had one seizure in 2001.

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Bellsx Sun 19-Jul-20 18:13:36

@sel2223 thank you I just like to know what to expect 😊

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Gerdticker Sun 19-Jul-20 21:54:41

Do different trusts do different amounts of scans?

My trust (brighton and Sussex) doesn’t offer a 36 week Scan, unless you’re higher risk I believe?

We just get 12 & 20 weeks

sel2223 Sun 19-Jul-20 22:12:32

@Gerdticker yes, my trust is the same as yours.....12 and 20 weeks.
You only get extra scans for reasons such as the ones I listed in my previous post.

Franny0696 Mon 20-Jul-20 17:12:17

I am low risk and was told at 20 weeks there won't be any more due to covid but got a letter the other day for a scan next month.

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