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Should I go in for reduced movements?

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SingingWren Sun 19-Jul-20 06:05:05

I'm 39 weeks, elective c-section booked for this week. I woke up at 2am (as I always do) to go toilet etc.
Usually after this, baby will wriggle around for half hour before I fall back asleep.

It's now 6am and I've stayed awake this whole time because it took me almost 2 hours to get a small wiggle.
I used my doppler and absolutely freaked out because it took much much longer than normal to find the heartbeat.

Now I'm lying awake panicking over movements and debating whether to go in for monitoring. This will be my 4th time going in (but not since 36 weeks) ...Do I just sound irrational? Baby may just be deep sleeping?

Will they try to bring my c-section forward if all looks well? I'd prefer to wait for actual planned date if possible but can't shake this worrying feeling.

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hazandduck Sun 19-Jul-20 06:08:17

Yes definitely get checked out and sorry to sound harsh but stop using your own Doppler! Unless you have years of practice and experience using one home dopplers should not be used to reassure yourself you could be picking up your cord or anything. Phone triage and go and get checked today, not worth the risk, they need to know about any change in the pattern of movements.
Hope all is ok x

Excitablemuch Sun 19-Jul-20 06:09:01

I was induced after 4x reduced movements so yes they might bring it forward.
You must go in please - it’s not worth even considering any other option is it?

SingingWren Sun 19-Jul-20 06:10:40

@hazandduck Doppler was a gift, I've only used it when I've worried about movements but always still went in for monitoring sad

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SingingWren Sun 19-Jul-20 06:11:51

Going to get up now and get dressed and go in x

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YessicaHaircut Sun 19-Jul-20 06:13:38

Yes definitely go in if you’re worried OP. They would always rather see you than not even if there is nothing wrong. Phone triage and go x

PennyWishes1 Sun 19-Jul-20 06:13:52

The midwifes don't care if you sound irrational. I'm 38 weeks and have been in twice. All well but please dont risk it. Just go in.

Mydogisthebestest Sun 19-Jul-20 06:13:52

Was about to say go in x

YessicaHaircut Sun 19-Jul-20 06:14:09

X post, good decision and hope all is fine xx

WorriedNHSer Sun 19-Jul-20 06:16:17

A Doppler only tells you there’s a heartbeat present at that moment in time. It doesn’t give any more information about your baby’s wellbeing. The current advice is to always go to hospital for monitoring if you feel your baby’s movements are reduced. This applies even if you have an appointment or are going into hospital later the same day or week.

Give maternity assessment a ring and get checked out. You will feel much better once you know your baby is safe.

Prettylittlelady Sun 19-Jul-20 07:04:43

Yes, please please go in. Let us know any updates.

SingingWren Sun 19-Jul-20 08:39:06

Thankyou all, had 35 mins monitoring and baby is fine, my blood pressure was high but they think that's because I was stressed. Just waiting to see a Dr now.

So incredibly relieved

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orangejuicer Sun 19-Jul-20 08:40:41

Great news OP.

SingingWren Sun 19-Jul-20 08:42:45

@orangejuicer Thank you, I've never felt relief like it... Baby started moving once I was hooked up, so typical!

Hoping Dr is happy with everything and I can go home and have a very long nap haha

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Mydogisthebestest Sun 19-Jul-20 08:43:54

Great news

orangejuicer Sun 19-Jul-20 08:53:11

I went in for reduced movements at about 28 weeks I think. Baby hadn't moved for ages and wasn't responding to chocolate/coke. I'd had a heavy meal that day so I think he was just asleep. He woke up when we got to the hospital. The sense of relief was ridiculous.

heartshapedcloud Sun 19-Jul-20 09:20:06

I was in over 10 times and was never once made to feel silly. Midwives always said they would rather come in 100 times and be fine than put it off once and then there have been a problem!

hazandduck Sun 19-Jul-20 10:11:41

Ah that’s a lovely update. Sorry if I came across harsh, I was also given one in my first pregnancy but my midwife told me to never use it and just text her if I ever wanted a listen. I went in a fair bit for monitoring with both my daughters, and they always without fail become crazy gymnasts as soon as we were hooked up on the machine!
Glad all is ok x

SingingWren Sun 19-Jul-20 12:19:58

Thank you all, I feel so much better, Dr said trace was beautiful and he had no concerns. He asked if I wanted to have csection a day early, but that there was no medical need in his opinion. So I kept original date. He said I'll have a scan tomorrow just to double check baby but he wasn't worried at all.

@hazandduck No thank you gor advice, that doppler threw me into an absolute panic this morning when I couldn't find heartbeat. I'll definitely not use it again! x

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SingingWren Wed 22-Jul-20 21:53:41

Just an update for anyone going through the same thing... Baby was born a day after posting this. All healthy and well smile

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PennyWishes1 Thu 23-Jul-20 06:05:22

Congratulations! Glad all safe and well. 😊

hazandduck Fri 24-Jul-20 19:59:34

Congrats, OP! Lovely news enjoy the newborn cuddles ❤️

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