Dysguesia please help!

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Leadust92 Sat 18-Jul-20 20:18:07


I am now 30 weeks pregnant. Started with bad sickness at 6 weeks, went on tablets at 9 weeks and stopped being sick at 13 weeks. About a week later I lost complete sense of taste and smell. Gutted after finally being able to eat! I'm still the same now but over the past 2 weeks I seem to have started smelling and tasting either a raw meat taste or chemicals! So basically everything I eat, drink or smell either smells/tastes of raw meat (like being in a butchers), nothing at all or chemicals. I'm really running out of things I can stomach because of this. Doctor said it isn't covid as been too long (17 weeks) and referred me to ear nose and throat. They said they think it's hormones related to pregnancy and to give it up to 3 months when baby arrives, if not returned to normal they will do tests. Will have been 9 months like this by then. Basically I'm miserable and terrified I'll be like this forever. I've read about dysguesia but no matter how much I google I can't find anyone experiencing or who has experienced the same and it's returned to normal after baby. I'm really desperate for a positive story now as it's getting me low worrying this is forever and I'll never taste or smell again.
Thank you.

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Chocolatesmellsfunny Sat 18-Jul-20 21:18:31

I don't have any experience of this I'm afraid (despite the username) but bumping for you x

Maxwillpop Sat 18-Jul-20 23:52:16

I have had dysgeusia in all 3 of my pregnancies, i get it bad from about week 6 to anywhere from 20-28 weeks ish, im currently 31 weeks pregnant in my 3rd pregnancy and this has by far been my worst one. I have never lost my taste and smell untill this pregnancy and it went for 2 and half weeks, (im still wondering if i had covid) but as for the the normal dysguesia i can honestly say it my very worst part of being pregnant it makes me so depressed while pregnant, its only now at 31 weeks that i have started to eat better and enjoy food a bit more, i have only gained roughly 21lb due to hating food for so long. But on a postitive note with my first two sons it had completely gone by birth and i had no lasting effects from it apart from the fact it happens everytime im pregnant. No one i know in person has ever suffered so its hard to explain it people and for them to understand just how horrible it is. Really hope u get some relief from it soon.

Leadust92 Sun 19-Jul-20 07:45:33

@Chocolatesmellsfunny thank you for the bump!

@Maxwillpop thank you for replying! Can I ask what yours is like? How does food taste different to you? It really is depressing, try so hard not to get low but I just can’t enjoy any food! This is my first pregnancy so I’ve never experienced it and it’s quite scary to be unsure whether it’ll return isn’t it? I’m the same I’ve only put on about a stone from my pre pregnancy weight. Thank you for giving me some hope!

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Maxwillpop Sun 19-Jul-20 08:13:33

I know exactly what ur going through, during my first pregnancy i went off chocolate for 30 weeks it was depressing, my dysgeusia used to make it taste vile, that has got easier with each pregnancy, but this time round the dysguesia has lingered longer, i still suffer the odd days now, when people used to ask me to explain it i used to say its like constant rotten food, i despised it, it made everything taste vile and i never ever fancied food dyring pregnancy i eat to live but when im not pregnant i live to eat i love food normally. Mine has always got better later on in pregnancy and it never stayed after i had my boys so hopefully things get better for you.

Leadust92 Sun 19-Jul-20 08:25:53

@Maxwillpop that’s exactly it! Rotten food. Thank you for taking the time to reply, it’s given me some hope. Congrats on your pregnancy smile

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Maxwillpop Sun 19-Jul-20 09:13:16

Your welcome n thanks, hope u get to enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy, we must me be due a similar time as im 31 weeks today. Congrats and try to enjoy as much as the dysgeusia does put a dampener on it x


Beks1989 Sat 16-Jan-21 21:26:19

Just wondering if this got any better for yoi lost my taste and smell in october for a good few weeks when i had a bad cold.
Amd since then for the last 3 months everything tastes amd smells awful other than basics like bread and cheese even water stinks of chemicals .

Leadust92 Mon 15-Feb-21 09:31:22

I’m 11 months in now and things have slightly improved but I still can’t get many flavours and can smelt almost nothing. I now think it was due to covid. There is a Facebook group with lots of people in the same position. Let me know if you want the link.

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123jayne Wed 12-May-21 18:21:38

Hello I have the same I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and had this since about 6 weeks everything I smell or eat tastes like chemicals/ a metallic taste was wondering when it goes I have read it should be by 2nd trimester but reading some of these comments make me thinks it's going to stay x

123jayne Wed 12-May-21 18:22:25

May I ask if yours has yours gone how long did it last for x

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