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No sac on ultrasound scan

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Orangery1 Sat 18-Jul-20 13:03:05

Hi everyone, Yesterday I experienced some very light spotting. I wasn’t initially worried but called my GP anyway because I read it’s good to let your doctor know when things like this happen. Anyway she referred me to the early pregnancy unit which I attended yesterday afternoon. They performed a internal scan but unfortunately the midwife said she couldn’t see anything at all. I had my bloods taken and am going back tomorrow for repeat. Hopefully I get the results of both tests on Monday.

I have only just turned 5 weeks pregnant. Just wondering if it is normal to not see anything at all at 5 weeks or if you expect to have a sac or something showing? The midwife diagnosed me with unknown location pregnancy so wants to rule out Ectopic or miscarriage.

Has anyone else been through this?

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