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DS just turned 1, now found out DC on the way and have to tell someone!!!!

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magicfairy Sat 29-Sep-07 10:14:54

Ds has just turned one and now I am pregnant again, we are very excitied, it kinda wasnt planned but not unplanned either, if that makes sense, we just didnt expect it to happen so quickly!!! trying to keep it a secret is a nightmare, so I am on here just to tell someone! We were living overseas when fell preggers last time so didnt have the problem of not telling freinds and family when talking to their faces, how difficult is this?!

moljam Sat 29-Sep-07 10:16:38


moljam Sat 29-Sep-07 10:16:59

how pregnant are you?

belgo Sat 29-Sep-07 10:17:22


You can join one of the ante natal threads and talk about it all you likesmile

magicfairy Sat 29-Sep-07 10:19:22

thankyou!grin 6 or 7 weeks I think, my periods were always longer than norm, so never really sure how to work it out

Nemo2007 Sat 29-Sep-07 10:22:18

Excellent well done you!!!
I always found it hard to keep pregnancy secret from family, I did however hide my first pregnanct from my boss for 5mths..was quite hard as I felt sick all the time but I was worried he wouldnt renew my contract!!

MamaMaiasaura Sat 29-Sep-07 10:24:14

congratulations grin managed to keep this pregnancy secret for 30 minutes (if that) grin

susiemj Sat 29-Sep-07 11:31:46

Congratulations! How exciting.

I managed to keep pregnancy quiet until I told my head of department (because it meant there was something I couldn't take on) at 6 weeks who then told everyone at work!

I was sitting on my fingers trying not to tell friends and family. I managed until 8 or 9 weeks, then splurged!

littlelapin Sat 29-Sep-07 11:32:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kitsandbits Sat 29-Sep-07 11:35:21



DS1 was 9 months old when i got PG with ds2 (planned though)

its fun, lol

CaptainUnderpants Sat 29-Sep-07 11:41:05

Congartulations ! My DS was one when I told family that I was expecting No2 .

We have two lovely boys , 20 month age gap , now age nearly 7 and 5. Best of friends !

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