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Breech babies

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Avearage Fri 17-Jul-20 19:10:04

So this is my first breech..... I feel huge and heavy uncomfortable like I'm carrying a bowling ball under my boobs, and only 31 weeks is this normal and worst is yet to come?
Awful heartburn too

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KittyKat2020 Fri 17-Jul-20 19:19:24

I’m carrying a big breech baby and I’m 35+2 the pain and pressure is that of period pain. It sucks!

Avearage Fri 17-Jul-20 19:26:14

@kittykat2020 do you have a section planned?
I can't believe the difference in how you feel carrying breech 😳 I'm convinced that sometimes he shifts to lay across to as its so uncomfortable at a times but feels all above my belly button.

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ForeverBubblegum Fri 17-Jul-20 19:53:42

I pretty much lived of Renee and had my toddler raised by youtube for the last month of my breech pregnancy. On the plus side, it feels so much better once babies out that recovering from the csection felt like a walk in the park by comparison.

I hope it goes well for you, there's still time so your baby might still turn, but if not the ELCS is actually a surprisingly plesent experience. It's very calm and relaxed, and as long as you keep on top of the painkillers recovery is not that bad.

KittyKat2020 Fri 17-Jul-20 20:12:46

@Avearage literally just got back from hospital because the pain I had was unreal, I felt like his feet were falling out of me! Apparently his fine though, it’s crazy how different a breech baby is especially a big one. Yeah I’m having a cesarian 12th August if we get to that date

Avearage Fri 17-Jul-20 20:14:05

@ForeverBubblegum I think I'm pretty set for a section at placenta is covering otlr was at 28 weeks I'm due another scan Wednesday to see if it's moved, I think I'd be happy with section just miss the first sleep on my stomach after birth ❤️. I can't seem to find a comfortable position to sleep for long at all.... I thought this pregnancy would be a breeze a suprise 4th!!!

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Avearage Fri 17-Jul-20 20:51:10

It seems I've the worse to come 😳 I think I might just make the most of social distancing and stay in for the last 9 weeks 😂 x x I think this will be a big baby too I'm hopeful because of placenta they will let me have a section around 37 weeks do you both feel like belly heavy as if weight is distributed badly?

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KittyKat2020 Fri 17-Jul-20 21:18:41

Yeah and they refused to let me have my cesarian until 39 weeks!

Avearage Fri 17-Jul-20 21:27:40

Oh wow.....i guess if placenta hasn't moved I will have that response to so Im half hopeful its still covering so they won't risk labour and I could go earlier than 39 weeks!

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Avearage Sun 19-Jul-20 07:50:45

Any tips on how to get comfortable... I'm finding even eating a struggle... Feels like there's just no room!!

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BabyG08 Sun 19-Jul-20 21:35:41

36+5 here with a breech baby, also measuring big. I feel your pain ladies, I have a scan on Thursday. They haven’t said anything about doing an ECV? So I’ve no idea what to expect when I go in on Thursday as we only found out at my 36 week appointment that he’s the wrong way round. I’m liking the idea of an ELCS though just so I know what’s happening and when.
Lying down on my side is most comfortable for me, rolling over though is a whole different ball game, I can’t walk very far at all without beginning to waddle 😂

Luna321 Sun 19-Jul-20 22:54:23

Hi. I'm 35 weeks with my second breech baby. I'm finding it so hard to bend down to pick stuff up. Driving is so uncomfortable. As my first was also breech I have no idea how this compares to when the baby is head down. I'm don't seem to be needing the toilet all the time like I hear a lot of pregnant ladies say- not sure if that's down to position 🤔 Bump is very tender at the top.
Scan this week and expecting them to offer to turn the baby but have talked myself out of it.

Gerdticker Sun 19-Jul-20 23:45:52

No specific experience of Breech birth, but I did have a badly positioned baby last time and found the website Spinning babies very helpful

There’s an exercise on there called a “forward leaning inversion” that can give great relief when the baby is crushing down into your pelvis. I am only 25 weeks now in my second pregnancy and already using it to give pain relief for sore lower back and round ligament pain

I highly recommend having a look! Not at all saying you can turn a breech baby this way, especially not late term, but definitely a very useful reference x

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