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26weeks pregnant feeling sick again

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Julieb80 Fri 17-Jul-20 11:21:49

Hi all, I’m 26 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of days started feeling sick again, can’t remember feeling like this with any other of my pregnancies but saying that they were a long time ago, anyone else feel sick at this stage, thanks x

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sel2223 Fri 17-Jul-20 11:32:14

Mine came back in the third trimester....not quite as bad as the first trimester but still pretty horrendous.
It's mostly just nausea or being a little bit 'sick in my mouth' if you know what I mean but I have also had about 3 episodes of full on vomitting since about 30 weeks.

Julieb80 Fri 17-Jul-20 12:04:54

I have only been sick once since it came back, just feel sick and like you sometimes a little sick in my mouth, also been totally drained this week x

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Superscientist Fri 17-Jul-20 12:40:15

My pregnancy sickness and nausea returned at 25 weeks. It's not been as bad as the first trimester but I've had to take the odd day off work and sometimes the anti sickness meds I got in my first trimester. Some weeks it is most days that I feel rough other weeks I'll just have the one day. It has been more draining compared to earlier especially when the weather was hot.

Daisysandviolets Fri 17-Jul-20 12:49:24

My sickness has come back in third trimester but I usually find it's because Ive not eaten so I'm trying to eat little and often which seems to be helping! X

Julieb80 Fri 17-Jul-20 13:14:02

It’s not as bad as it was during first trimester, but makes me not want to do anything and I have so much to do 🙈 I’m not sure if it when I have milk, which was a trigger in the early weeks, I’m just going to eat little and often and monitor what I eat x

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