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Stomach ache in first trimester

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SpiderBrooch Thu 16-Jul-20 22:00:53

Hi, I’m about 5 weeks pregnant - I tested positive last Thursday. Due to a previous miscarriage and ectopic I had an early scan on Monday which confirmed the sac is in the womb, which was a huge relief. Have been feeling nauseous the past couple of days and have also had a stomach ache in the evening and in the night, and bit of an upset stomach today. Has anyone else had this? I haven’t had any bleeding or sharp pains.

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Helenknowsbest Thu 16-Jul-20 22:35:35

Yes - me. Very bloated amd gassy. Read its completely normal... although very uncomfortable. Apparently its from a rush of hormones can slow things down a bit in the digestive system. With ds1 I had a bit of it but this seems to be my biggest symptom so far with dc2.

SpiderBrooch Fri 17-Jul-20 07:17:45

Thanks @Helenknowsbest that’s reassuring - it’s so uncomfortable and I’m sorry you’re suffering from it too!

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