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36 weeks feel like I’m dying

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Aug122020 Thu 16-Jul-20 11:17:51

Anyone else felt like this?

I just feel so run down. I’ve got zero energy, feel constantly sick, my tummy has been going mad and I’ve been on and off the toilet. I feel like I can’t breathe, I’m so fatigued eventhough I’ve slept loads. If I try stand up or do anything I feel like I’m going to collapse. This has sent my anxiety mad and I’m convinced I am actually dying.

I honestly feel like my body is giving up on me. Hip pain has been insanely bad too (I have PGP).

Is this normal towards the end? I’ve got a midwife appt later this afternoon but I honestly feel so ill I don’t know if I can get myself there 😬 This has all came on over the last 3-4 days and today I just feel like utter crap!

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WildSkitty Thu 16-Jul-20 11:19:32

This doesn't sound normal.

Can you call your GP or midwife and let them know how you are feeling?

MizMoonshine Thu 16-Jul-20 11:20:28

34 weeks and with you on the feeling like balls, can't breathe, hip pain and fatigue.
I can't sleep at night so I'm napping during the day. I don't know how women work until they pop!

WhatKatyDidnt Thu 16-Jul-20 11:21:56

Listen to your body OP; please try and talk to / see a doctor asap.

mylittlesandwich Thu 16-Jul-20 11:27:04

Definitely speak to your midwife, if you can't make it down get her on the phone. I completely sympathise. I felt awful towards the end of my pregnancy. I had PGP too so I couldn't sleep properly. I was exhausted, hormonal, had a giant baby squashing all my internal organs (including my lungs) and had by this point had thrush for 7/8 months.
It could be normal but you're best to run it all past a professional so they can double check.

sel2223 Thu 16-Jul-20 11:52:49

I'm 36 weeks and feel exactly the same. The tiredness is worse than it's ev

sel2223 Thu 16-Jul-20 11:59:52

sorry - accidentally pressed post

The tiredness is worse than it ever was in the first trimester and the sickness, nausea, cramps and diarrhoea are back! Some days I feel really low as I feel like it must be my age (37). My body just doesn't feel like it's coping well with pregnancy at all and I cant wait for it to be over with tbh.

Since being pregnant I've had a horrible UTI, was in hospital with a grumbling appendix for 3 days and then a filling fell out and got infected so I had to have a tooth pulled on Monday. I honestly feel like I'm falling apart.

Sorry you're feeling like crap too. The end is in sight!

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