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gestational diabetes - any advice just been diagnosed today with lil info

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TrueSoul19 Wed 15-Jul-20 22:09:14

Internet helpful also overwhelming amount of info, prefer to hear real life stories and help initial questions...Is it standard to have the baby early? 30wks already do I have time to turn it around? Most importantly are the babies fine? The usual panic mode questions!!

Waiting a week on meeting with diabetes clinic 😣

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dementedpixie Wed 15-Jul-20 22:15:18

Mine was diet controlled so didn't have to take insulin. Had to test blood sugars a few times a day and watch what I ate. No i didn't have dd early - I was induced as she was late (was 7lb 11oz so not huge)

Lola871 Wed 15-Jul-20 22:15:20

There are nice guidelines about gestational diabetes which you may find useful, just Google for them!

If you control your blood sugar either with diet or medication baby should be fine, you'll be a bit more closely monitored normally, and may not be allowed to go past due date due to slightly higher risks for GD patients. Baby will also need to have blood sugars checked when born before you can leave the hospital so more likely to have to stay overnight.

I'm certainly not an expert so there may be other things to consider, but it is highly manageable once diagnosed, and if managed well is very unlikely to cause problems.

Lenny1987 Wed 15-Jul-20 22:17:10

I had gd first time around diagnosed at the same time as you, baby born healthy 7lb 11oz after being told he would be huge. Did have to be induced, as they didn't want me to go over my due date. Sugars slightly low in baby when he was first born, but a top up with formula helped that and didn't stop him being breast fed happily. I stayed diet controlled throughout and had also managed to lose 11kg by the time he was born! If you haven't already join the Facebook group it is fab for food and general support.

EcoCustard Wed 15-Jul-20 22:21:22

Join the Facebook group Gestational diabetes UK or head over to the website. Lots of great dietary advice and support as it can make you feel a bit down. I had in 3 of my pregnancies. Plenty of time to make changes too. You will have additional scans to check growth, but sure baby will be fine. Best advice I can give is to follow the GD diet, avoid the NHS advice given in clinic as weetabix is a no no. Test your sugars and if you need medication take it, don’t feel bad about it. If not active try some gentle activity it will help with the sugar levels. If you have a week to clinic start now, do not wait to make diet changes. Good luck.

TrueSoul19 Wed 15-Jul-20 22:29:13

Thanks.. weird enough time just now just trying to keep up with everything and stay healthy. I think I will look for meal ideas but it's my snacking that's bad, have such a sweet tooth!

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TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 Wed 15-Jul-20 22:35:49

I was not diet controlled and I ended up on insulin as my post-food readings were OK but my fasting result first thing in the morning was too high.

You will need to test sugars around 4 times a day, for me it was first thing before eating or drinking anything, then 2 hours after each meal.

Diet tips
- low GI
- you do need carbs but they should be good carbs like whole grain, dark rye
- high protein, high fat will fill you up and maintain sugar levels
- pair carbs with a protein so egg on whole grain toast, apple slices and peanut butter, pineapple and cottage cheese....
- check all 'low fat' alternatives like muller light yoghurts, they're loaded with sugar.

- exercise really helps your body break down sugar, I would take a brisk 20 minute walk after lunch and it made a big improvement to my post lunch sugar reading.

DD was and is now a perfect, happy, healthy child.
She was a bit on the big side and with being insulin controlled I was more at risk of placenta failure if I went overdue. So I was induced at 37 and a half weeks. Induction was fine if a bit boring, pessary inserted, waited 24 hours, then another 6 because everyone was busy. They were able to break my waters which really kickstarted the process, less than 5 hours later DD was born 8lb 11oz with the help of a little gas n air. I had a few stitches for a 2nd degree tear but I think that's because once she was ready she shot out, with 2 pushes. She was born at 6.30pm, they had to do 3 sugar tests as GD babies are more likely to have low blood sugar at birth. Her readings were all fine so we left at 8am the next morning.

Around 6 weeks after birth I did a GTT and no diabetes remaining, I am insulin resistant though so it's more likely I'll develop type 2 over time.

MsJuniper Wed 15-Jul-20 22:42:29

I went into no-carb mode and then had ketones so you do have to keep a balance. Unfortunately for some people GD can't be controlled by diet alone and it's quite common to have a spike in the morning. A late night snack of peanuts or milk can help. With both my children I ended up needing insulin even with very strict diet controls. It all returned to normal immediately after the birth though.

I used to have a poached egg in the morning on a v small slice of bread which helped. No cereal (even porridge). Salad for lunch and protein based dinner with small spoon of rice.

I ended up slimmer and healthier once I'd given birth than before!

PumpkinParent Wed 15-Jul-20 22:54:25

Some really good advice from others but just wanted to say that I had GD in both pregnancies. First pregnancy was diet controlled to begin with (and I was really careful too) but ended up on metformin tablets. Second pregnancy - equally careful - and ended up on insulin after metformin. My first child was born at 37+5 (3.5kg) and my second at 38w (3.51kg). My second child had some minor issues with blood sugar for the first 24 hours but frequent feeds sorted it. Apart from that, no ill effects for either child.
I was absolutely freaked out when the midwife first raised it but it can be controlled and you should be carefully monitored. You need to be self-disciplined, there’s no way round that, but the diabetes clinic said to me more than once that some women find that even adhering to a strict diet and taking regular, sensible exercise isn’t enough to bring their sugars down.
Easy for me to say but honestly, please try not to worry. The diabetic clinic will be right on it. Hope it all goes well.

RhubarbJelly Wed 15-Jul-20 23:02:00

Babies not classed as early here. No sugary drinks or snacks, which helped. Thankfully only TIL birth.
About 7lb in weight.
I did not eat sugary snacks though and reduced carbs - so used courgette with a bit of brown spaghetti.
Needed Tablets.

Normandy144 Wed 15-Jul-20 23:05:02

I had it with both babies. Previous posters are right you should aim for a low carb, full/good fats and protein full diet. Ditch the low fat stuff as they are full of hidden sugar. You can eat carbs and you should but portion size should be small, and you should aim for wholegrain where possible. Breakfast can be tricky and this is where eggs are your friend. Most GD pregnant ladies can't tolerate cereal and even porridge can be tricky. Be wary of any advice from the NHS that tells you to follow their healthy plate as it is often too much carbs and tends to favour low fat.
Both my babies were overdue. I was induced with both but my consultants were happy that I was controlling things well with the diet. They were happy for me to go to 41 +5 in each case. I ended up with an 8.7lbs baby first time around and then 7.7lbs the second time.

TrueSoul19 Wed 15-Jul-20 23:21:16

Thanks I definitely need advice on the foods, trying to create a diet is difficult but I've taken note of what you've all said going to try piece together some good meals. I like most foods and have no dietary restrictions .. just need to find a better alternative to chocolate as it seems to be a mental thing with me too..

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TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 Wed 15-Jul-20 23:28:28


One thing I would say is that while you obviously do need to limit sugary treats, it's important to not go so hardline that you feel miserable and denied.

Dark chocolate is better than milk, and satisfies the craving with just a small amount.

My, 'that's it, I fucking well need chocolate right the hell now' treat was a warm croissant with a thin spread of Nutella. It hit the spot and allowed me to then control the rest of what I ate much better.

WhatTheD1ckens Wed 15-Jul-20 23:38:17

I had it, diet controlled and baby was born at 37 weeks weighing 6lb7 (induction after waters broke). I definitely ‘turned it around’ as my baby dropped from the 95th centile after I started controlling it. Food wasn’t as hard as it sounded- meals just what I normally ate but with less rice/bread/pasta and more meat/protein. Snacks hard for me too as I also had a sweet tooth! I ate loads of nuts and Babybels and boiled eggs haha. I stopped eating any chocolate or crisps (except for the odd choc hobnob as a treat) and started having sweetener in my tea (Canderel Sugarly tastes exactly like sugar to me and I still have it now even though I don’t have to!). I am a stone lighter than before I was pregnant and I’m sure GD played a huge part in that! I was gutted when I found out but honestly it wasn’t bad at all.

mellowww Thu 16-Jul-20 07:35:27

Really important to keep it controlled. Make sure you are checked v regularly.

milknapplayrepeat Thu 16-Jul-20 09:39:33

I was recently diagnosed with GD and am 30 weeks too so I know exactly how you’re feeling - it’s so overwhelming and takes a while to wrap your head around what you can eat. I was scared of food for a few days! It’s also a bit of a mental shift because, in my head at least, when not pregnant a low carb/sugar diet is to lose weight so goes hand in hand with calorie restriction. Not the case here and have to keep reminding myself to eat more - just more fats and protein!

Agree with a PP about joining the GD UK Facebook group, it’s helped me get my brain in gear and has helped to read stories from women in the same position as me.

Good luck, OP! We can do it! 💪🏻

TrueSoul19 Thu 16-Jul-20 13:35:58

Thanks for all the advice it's helped calm me down and focus on what I can control at the moment. I did a shop today and made sure had more better snacks like veg and houmous, babybels and Greek yogurt. Il need to look into cereal I seem to eat alot of corn flakes (plain or with blueberries) and shreddies which high in iron since I'm low! I do take pregnacare suppliments so gonna check there okay.

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Mistymeow Thu 16-Jul-20 16:45:10

Definitely recommend the Facebook page for tips. I was diagnosed at 28 weeks and had to go straight on insulin due to fasting levels being high (very hard to control fasting levels). I also recommend doing a brisk walk after eating, go up and down the stairs/squats to help bring your blood sugar down. They didn’t put me on metformin because my baby was measuring small (this can also happen with GD). I had my baby at 37 weeks due to slow growth, she was 4lbs 5oz but is four months now and doing great! It’s all worth it when you have them in your arms.

Another bit of advice- don’t be hard on yourself if you need meds. It won’t be anything you have done or could have prevented- it’s all down to the placenta. It’s also progressive so you may find you wont be able to tolerate things you were previously fine with- by 34 weeks I couldn’t even tolerate brown bread or any type of rice.

TrueSoul19 Thu 16-Jul-20 17:58:35

Ye I've been trying to get some tips, pairing foods is new to me I see they recommend that so I'm hoping the clinic will help me get more info. Id be happy to not eat rice and pastas again seem to manage without savoury stuff but it's the sweet side that I'm struggling with already ! I got this news after buying treats 😭😂 I see dark chocolate okay in tiny amounts so hoping this will get me through and be safe to eat.

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Yorkshirepudding1987 Thu 16-Jul-20 18:09:32

I am 30 weeks with GD. I joined the gestational diabetes membership for £7 and got loads of sweet recipes. My fave is a GD chocolate brownie and double cream before bed. Keeps my fasting levels down! Their FB page is fab too.

Ive been doing it 4 weeks and to be honest I feel healthier and have got my head around pairing etc now. Ive lost weight which my midwife says is fine.

I go for a walk after my evening meal, this helps. I try and go for a shorter walk after lunch but don't always get out. If i don't go out I just tidy the house, vac, mop, anything to stop me just sitting down after eating.

They have said if my sugars remain under control ill have my section (other reasons) at 39 weeks. I have growth scans and consultant every 4 weeks and diabetic nurse rings me every 2 weeks. Im diet controlled.

Ive started an Instagram page for my meals, I put my meal on and then my reading at 1 hour. This is helping me out when I cant think of what I want to eat!

Snacks I go for babybel, pepperami, oat cakes and cheese, granny smith apple and peanut butter, I can tolerate a bag of crisps with cheese as well at the moment.

Good luck!

FrogOfFrogHall Thu 16-Jul-20 18:24:03

It's very upsetting and overwhelming when you first get diagnosed and I found there was a lot of conflicting diet advice out there (the NHS diet advice I was given didn't work for diabetes at all!) I found that by increasing fat and protein and drastically decreasing my carb intake (including fruit) my blood sugar was generally good during the day (and I actually lost weight in pregnancy) but due to my fasting levels I needed medication and insulin.
Because of needing extra insulin I was consultant led and had extra scans (which was actually a good thing for reassurance) the scans found that baby was a bit small and fluid was on the low side so they decided to induce at 37 weeks. Baby needed lots of skin to skin and they had me giving top ups (which she didn't really take) when born but within 24 hours all was good. She's now a perfectly healthy 2 year old!
Good luck, stay calm and check out gestational diabetes UK website / Facebook group for diet advice.

TrueSoul19 Thu 16-Jul-20 19:50:19

@Yorkshirepudding1987 oh my brownie and cream before bed 😍 il follow any diet that allows this ha. Ye I wondered if you had to fully join to get more I'd be happy to if it makes life easier it is only for the next 10 weeks max.

@FrogOfFrogHall ye my initial reaction was guilt, embarrassment and major confusion about foods but after a lil research and Mumsnet I see it's not my fault however I can help control it so that's reassuring. Think once I understand the terms such as fasting and know what foods are im hoping to get a plan made. Like anyone i guess it's just the extra pressure and thought that needs to go into it. My eating was not bad and exercised much as I can having a large dog who needs out makes sure I'm out walking daily. Plus already have a DD and work FT so no grabbing brekkie on the go as I see it's frowned upon to just have a banana? Need to 'pair' it with something. This is what I need to learn

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FrogOfFrogHall Thu 16-Jul-20 20:10:00

Yeah, I coped by finding new grab and go snacks (GD UK Facebook page will give you loads of suggestions). I had fridge raiders, babybel and peperami if I just needed a snack I could chuck in my bag. Those things shouldnt increase your blood sugar
For a treat I would have no added sugar yazoo which I seemed to tolerate ok or an options hot chocolate with extra thick squirty cream (I don't think everyone will be ok with those treats so you'd need to try it check blood sugar)

flossiegrippiter Thu 16-Jul-20 20:15:55

Can I ask what your Instagram page is @Yorkshirepudding1987 if it's open to public view?
I've also found a sainsburys own no added sugar dark choc which works well for a treat.
For those that ended up on insulin can I ask what amount of units finally worked to control your fasting level? All my post meal levels have been fine from the start but I'm not on 2 metformin tablets and 17 units of insulin and 4 weeks later my fasted levels still aren't under control! I'm also 30 weeks but growth scans show baby is measuring fine

FrogOfFrogHall Thu 16-Jul-20 20:29:23

My fasting levels didn't ever get within target as far as I can remember. I think I'd gone to about 10 or 12 units by the time I was induced.

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