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HG first time round- 2nd pregnancy?

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lovetoomuchfood Wed 15-Jul-20 21:16:41

Any tips/advice desperately wanted!

I had Hyperemesis with ds1, absolutely adamant I would never put myself through that horrendous ordeal again... fast forward 2 years and I'm desperate for another baby.

I feel like it will be 9 months of torture but then years and years of joy, also would love DS1 to have a sibling.

Any tips? Any advice? Experiences? Wisdom!?

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notsureaboutthisreally Wed 15-Jul-20 21:30:57

I had HG in my first pregnancy. Currently 30w with DS2. It has re-occurred (as I understand it the chances are fairly high), but not quite as bad. Only 2 hospital admissions this time, compared to 5/6 with DS1. I think part of the reason its been better is I had a very sympathetic GP who was willing to prescribe Cyclizine and Ondansetron very early this time. It helped massively in the early days, although I would say it hasn't been as easy to rest as it was with DS1 - due to to DS1 being a typical 20 month old!

If it helps, I was very much of the same view as you. 9 months of hell and I really wanted a sibling for DS1. I don't regret it, but there is no question its tough and this will be our last due to the physical toll HG pregnancy takes. Good luck with whatever you decide smile

notsureaboutthisreally Wed 15-Jul-20 21:33:58

Also, if you do decide to go ahead and need medication, I'd recommend the Pregnancy Sickness Support website. They have some really useful info on the benefits of early medication.

Houseworkavoider Wed 15-Jul-20 21:34:13

I’ve got 3 dcs.
I suffered hg with all three. I know that it’s entirely possible to have a hg pregnancy and then a non -hg pregnancy but that unfortunately was not my experience.
Dh and I made sure that we had childcare throughout my pregnancy. Dh was home more and made sure that he could do the drop offs and pick-ups himself. He used to make me lunch and leave it in the fridge.

It was hard going without a doubt and my mh took a pounding but.. I’m so glad I did it. My youngest two (big gap between 1st & second) are the best of friends. Eldest adores them.

If I had my time again I would definitely have all three of them.
If you have family nearby it might be easier for you?

marmiteandcheeseoncrumpetspls Wed 15-Jul-20 21:40:36

Severe hg for DD, found I was pregnant when she was 5 months old, and it is the first and only time I've had a panic attack. Was so very worried about how I would cope with hg and a baby. Fortunately, although I had severe sickness it was not hg and never needed to be hospitalised. Had DS when DD was 13months. I thank my lucky stars every day that it happened like that as don't think I would've ever planned a pregnancy after the first one.
Go for it OP and good luck xx

lovetoomuchfood Wed 15-Jul-20 21:54:44

Thanks so much for your replies. You are very brave ladies to go ahead with pregnancy with other children to look after :-)

I'm thinking about trying from September... we have stored up 3 weeks annual leave for my husband to use before end of December and then from January he will have another 5 weeks he would be able to take if necessary. Family are near by but only able to help ad hoc really...

Am thinking about booking in DS1 to nursery in the mornings so I can cry/vomit in peace for a few hours but the cost of getting pregnant with DS2 could be huge to fund this when I am likely to be on statutory sick pay.

How did family/friends react to your second pregnancies? Did they think you were crazy?!

Thanks again for your replies :-)

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Houseworkavoider Wed 15-Jul-20 22:04:26

My Dm was a bit of a cow about hg when I was pregnant with #1. She’d say things like ‘if you had another child you wouldn’t be able to carry on like this. Mums just have to get on with it!angry’ all whilst I was being hooked up to a drip and being given anti sickness injections!

We just got on with it with #2&3.
Each person’s support network is different.

namechange30000 Wed 15-Jul-20 22:21:09

HG first pregnancy and no sickness whatsoever second pregnancy

user1477229112 Wed 15-Jul-20 22:21:23

I had HG second time round but I managed to avoid hospital getting meds early and making sure to get plenty of rest- at one point I went to bed we same time as my three year old! Second time round you can advocate for yourself
And know what works x

Helenknowsbest Wed 15-Jul-20 22:48:22

I had hyperemesis with my ds1 who's now 11 months old. Just found out im pregnant with no 2 so will update you if I get it the second time. More nervous about getting hyperemesis again rather than having 2 under 2!

notsureaboutthisreally Wed 15-Jul-20 22:52:28

Sounds like you have a good plan.

We told my DM & DF very early as we knew we needed their support (plus it was kind of obvious!). I dreaded DM's reaction as she tends to think she knows best. They were great though and helped us out no end.

Nursery is excellent an excellent idea, if you can. My DS does 3 days per week and it was our saviour in many ways, but came to an abrupt end in lockdown! Hopefully that won't happen again, but sounds like a good idea to plan things for when you know annual leave will work in your favour.

FilthyforFirth Wed 15-Jul-20 22:59:58

Had HG first time round, moderate, am 21 weeks and it has been more severe this time round with more hospitalisations.

I hate it to be frank. It is so much harder being this sick with a toddler to look after. It being during a pandemic and no childcare has made it a million times worse to be fair.

Parents have been very supportive. Biggest tip is get a GP onside asap. I was on meds the day after my positive test at 4+1 and been on them ever since. Even though it has been worse than last time I think the early meds regime has helped massively.

Good luck. I will be getting sterilised as I never ever want to be pregnant again. How quickly (well DS was nearly 3 when I concieved so not too quickly) I forgot just how utterly soul destroying it is. I would not want broodiness to lead me down this path again.

2155User Wed 15-Jul-20 23:09:30

Currently trying for DC2 after a loonnnggggggg HG filled pregnancy with DS

lovetoomuchfood Thu 16-Jul-20 11:15:40

@Helenknowsbest really hope you don't get HG this time round, 2 under 2 sounds tough but HG with an 11 month old sounds very VERY tough!

@notsureaboutthisreally thanks for the tip to get treated early, I left it way too late last time because so many people basically told me to toughen up and I believed them that I was just weak. This time round I will be making a stand!

@FilthyforFirth sounds terrible for you :-( so so tough. I've never done a pregnancy with a toddler but it sounds so awful. I will be hoping and praying that yours stops asap!

@2155User out of interest... did you conceive quickly with DS?

I'm wondering if there is a link between getting pregnant easily and HG? I could be totally wrong of course but I got pregnant the next day after stopping the progesterone only pill with DS!

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2155User Thu 16-Jul-20 11:32:46


DS was a 'miracle' unplanned child.

Was told I would never conceive due to PCOS and was on/off the pill for 4 years, just very lax with it due to thinking I would never conceive so took it more to help with acne/hormones etc.

So I would say it took around 3 years of on/off sex, but we weren't 'trying' as such.

Periods vary from 90-150 day cycle.

FilthyforFirth Thu 16-Jul-20 11:44:04

Not sure re conception. It took me 8 months with DS. I tried for 6 months then stopped and then fell pregnant on first month this time round. So bit of a mixed bag from me. I am in a support group and on the whole I would say more concieved easily so there may be something in it.

Helenknowsbest Sun 02-Aug-20 11:28:54

Just thought I would update, I'm 7 weeks now and still no sickness. Just waves of nausea that ginger snaps and diet coke are helping me through, when it passes I can eat again. Really surprised I haven't got hyperemesis second time round. Maybe I'm having a girl as I had a son first time round.

HGwarrior Mon 03-Aug-20 10:40:10

I’m now on pregnancy three And waiting to see if the onslaught occurs I am possibly around 6 weeks mark and concerned about viability due to lack of sickness

Ds1 - horrendous hospitalised several occasions first at 10 weeks- couldn’t keep water down

Ds2 - early medication felt sick most of the time but never hospitalised and learnt to eat what I felt
Like mainly chocolate I might add 😁 funnily enough he has quite the sweet tooth

DC3 - I think I am approx 6 weeks but bit of surprise I haven’t vomited yet but waves of queasiness are starting i felt pregnant much earlier with other two

Helenknowsbest Tue 11-Aug-20 09:10:24

Just another update at 8 weeks pregnant now. In the past few days I've went from throwing up once to throwing up all day. On medication and can't keep any food or fluids down. Really thought I was out of the woods but on the road to hyperemesis again confused

FilthyforFirth Tue 11-Aug-20 11:06:43

Sorry to hear that @helenknowsbest. I thought I might have escaped this time as it was 7 weeks before I was bed bound but sadly it still happened. I am 25 weeks now and able to function much better, though still heavily medicated. I hope it improves for you.

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