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Has anyone had a 3d/4d scan?

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kikid Fri 28-Sep-07 20:20:04

I'm wondering about having one, they are expensive, are they worth the money?

Any thoughts or experiences appreciated..

DonDons Fri 28-Sep-07 20:24:16

I haven't had one but my BF had one for each of her babies and they were amazing. I'm definately going for one when I get to 28 weeks or so....

geordiemacminx Fri 28-Sep-07 20:29:59

Had one at about 28 weeks - it was expensive, but it was worth every single penny - Think we paid £200, 45 minute dvd and 6 pictures. Got to take my parents and my sister with me as well as dp which was really nice.. Infact once the rugby has finished I might watch ours.. havent seen it since ds was born 21 weeks ago... No time!!

BitTiredNow Fri 28-Sep-07 20:31:37

i had one at 24 weeks, which was a bit early - she looked like a mask, as she was lying the wrong way and so all I saw was the front of her head and then a horrid gaping gap at the back, which was just the imagry, but it was horrid. make sure you get the optimum time to go.

kikid Sat 29-Sep-07 13:17:41

Thanks for your msgs.

I think how fantastic it must be to be able to see yourself before you were even born!

Dawn2820 Sat 29-Sep-07 13:42:20

i had one at 28weeks it was brilliant and i would do it all again

well worth the money

MrsFish Sat 29-Sep-07 17:20:24

I had one at 27 weeks, there are a couple of pictures on my profile if you scroll down a bit. Lo had hand and arm over face a lot of the time, but it was still pretty special to see

Cost me £90 for 45 mins and a cd with pictures on

kikid Wed 03-Oct-07 22:21:06

Thanks for your replies.

mrs fish Yes your scan pics are good, where did you have them done.? I am in yorkshire so don't want to travel miles, but the price you quoted seems very reasonable..

AnnainNZ Thu 04-Oct-07 04:11:53

Mine was only 30 dollars (10 quid), most of it was in 2D but some of it was 3D so got 5 3D pictures and a DVD of the whole scan. Was at 20 wks. SOme of the pictures are on my profile. I think she looks beautiful though other people seem to think she still looks a bit alien-like!

Would def recommend.

AnnainNZ Thu 04-Oct-07 04:13:26

Pictures a bit small on my profile, but you'll get the idea

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