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Vaginal examination

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clo1992 Wed 15-Jul-20 17:05:23


What does a vaginal examination involve?
It's to check my cervix to see if it's changed at all at 38 weeks for possible induction at 39 due to RFM.
Don't no what to expect.

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FallingIguanas Wed 15-Jul-20 17:14:59

Have you ever had a smear test OP? If so it'll be similar and they may use a plastic speculum to try to look at your cervix first. If not it'll be a digital examination with a finger (wearing gloves) which is inserted into the your vagina while you recline. The cervix usually sits round the back of babies head so it can be quite a reach into the top and back of your vagina. They will cover you with a towel or sheet. They may ask you to make fists with your hands and place them under your bottom which can help tip your pelvis during the examination. You can ask them to stop at any point and you can ask for pain relief (eg gas and air) if you need to. Its uncomfortable but not usually painful. HTH.

clo1992 Wed 15-Jul-20 19:26:26

Yes I have. Perfect that makes more sense now. I sort of came out thinking Christ I wonder what they do 🙈
Thank you

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