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Is this this positive line getting darker?

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ivfdreaming Wed 15-Jul-20 10:10:54

These are Onestep steps aren't they? Yes Tuesdays does look darker

LouH1981 Wed 15-Jul-20 08:12:18

Yes 👍🏻 it looks great, congratulations xx

iwantitalltobenormal Wed 15-Jul-20 06:48:21

Yes definitely darker , congratulations ! X

user1477229112 Wed 15-Jul-20 06:45:11

I’ve uploaded a Photo of yesterday and today I still think the line is very faint with my older kids the tests were clear from day of my period I’m now 9 days late. This is very unexpected but not unwanted and I thinking every scenario in my head chemical pregnancy or ectopic sounds paranoid I know ! But I literally cannot take
This in I had no idea only took a test Monday to rule it I haven’t got sore boobs, I’ve had two previous HG pregnancies which I felt sick from
The get go !

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