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11dpo BFP, now to wait and see if AF doesn't show up. Anyone want to join?

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Leasha16 Tue 14-Jul-20 14:58:46

Hi ladies, I'm looking for any others who have had a BFP early and are in the dreaded wait to see if AF arrives?

I had a chemical pregnancy 2 months ago so my anxiety is through the roof. Didn't want to test early this time but due to a number of factors I did and got a bfp. Period is due on Friday, with an expectation of spotting 1-2 days before. So really for the me these next few days are key to get passed with no bleeding if this is really it!

Anyone else want to join? x

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Herbys Mon 20-Jul-20 09:27:40

Hello! How have you gotten on? I am in the same position, bfp on 25miu IC this morning but AF not due until Friday!
All of a sudden I feel cramps (probably in my head!) and I'm so worried!

Leasha16 Mon 20-Jul-20 15:08:08

@Herbys hey! My AF didn't turn up, today would have been my last day of bleeding if it had. I felt a lot of pinching and pulling which is different to AF pains however at times I feel like I'm having that heaviness before my period comes but I don't know if it's in my head! All I can say is keep yourself busy and try not to overthink. I tested daily and saw the lines progress and now my clear blue digi says 2-3 weeks and my frer is a dye stealer so no more tests for me.

Congratulations on your BFP, you've got this!

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Herbys Mon 20-Jul-20 16:10:51

Thank you ☺️ Sounds like everything is going in the right direction for you! I think I'll test this week then get some week tests and then try and chill out!

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