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How can being diagnosed with gestational diabetes affect your birth plan?

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Hfarm1 Tue 14-Jul-20 13:14:55

Hi, I wondered if anyone can give ideas on how having gestational diabetes will affect my birth plan.
I know chances of sticking to a birth plan are slim, but so far I would really love to have a water birth and, in the event there was no pool available, I would want to remain upright and active for as long as possible (I guess I've been scared into thinking laying down = more pain/intervention/tearing etc).
How could gestational diabetes affect care? Could I refuse constant monitoring (in favour of occasional monitoring) if it kept me stuck on the bed? It would be great to hear some positive GD stories to help me stop being to anxious about losing birth options. Thank you!

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Fatted Tue 14-Jul-20 13:20:17

If all depends on how GD is managed and how baby is developing really. Most people I know who had GD were advised to have their babies early, because of how they were growing. So this then meant induction and/or c-sections.

Have you been diagnosed with GD or are you planning for the eventuality? As someone who's first 'birth plan' went well and truly to shit, I would recommend having an idea in mind of what you would like, but do not attach too much emotional importance to it if it doesn't work out.

mathanxiety Tue 14-Jul-20 13:22:40

With GD you will most likely be induced on or near your due date.

This may mean more monitoring, to gauge contractions and the baby's response to them.

Sticking to the due date is important because the placenta can start to function poorly past the 40 week mark with GD, with consequences for the baby.

You should speak to your HCP about your options, and whether your thoughts water birth meaning lack of tearing are backed by evidence.

mathanxiety Tue 14-Jul-20 13:23:59

Agree with Fatted that you should be flexible on your birth plan.

Pipandmum Tue 14-Jul-20 13:26:36

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when pregnant (or maybe GD which didnt go away so they then said it was type 1). Anyway I was on insulin from the beginning.
Baby measured big (not unexpected as I'm almost 6') which led to the initial test. He was over 10lbs born CS at 37 weeks - I had one planned for 38 weeks but my waters broke.
My second they wanted me to try VBAC, but she grew big too so planned section at 38 weeks.
I think if your baby measures ok so they are happy for a natural birth then I think you can go with whatever plan you have.

custardbear Tue 14-Jul-20 13:30:27

Diabetes can cause macrosomic babies (large) and also placental issues plus other complications - i'd be following my obstetrician advice carefully

mathanxiety Tue 14-Jul-20 20:02:45

Regardless of GD, no birth plan is set in stone. Monitoring might be indicated for several serious reasons. You can talk to your midwife about ambulatory monitoring.

But please don't feel that the healthcare providers are out to prevent you from some mythical optimal experience of childbirth.

If you are anxious about monitoring or interventions, please talk to your midwife.

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