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Anybody else with a key worker partner?

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Sassy14 Mon 13-Jul-20 23:19:51

Hi everyone,

I'm nearly 8 months and not long now until I give birth, I'm just wondering if anybody else is also due to have their baby soon and also have a key worker partner?
Even though my partner is really good with trying his best to protect me (I'm asthmatic aswell as being pregnant) I'm just worrying about my partner being around our newborn baby/in delivery suite. He also suffers with severe hay fever so is constantly sneezing/coughing which panics me also.
Does anybody else feel this way and have a similar situation? Thanks smile

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TruffleMama Tue 14-Jul-20 08:48:25

Hi @Sassy14

Yes, myself and my partner both work for the emergency services.
I have been shielding, doing what work I can from home since May 9th when I got my BFP.

My partner is still working full time. We follow a strict routine when he arrives home from work.. uniform off and into the wash. Him.. into the bath. Phone, keys etc wiped down with Dettol.

I'm having a C section in late December / early January. Exact date TBC. My partner is going to take some time off in the run up (and paternity leave after, of course), and will get himself a COVID-19 test the just prior to my C section date (with enough time to get his results back before my C section date).

I was more worried at the start of my pregnancy than I am now. The rate of infection/deaths has fallen. Although, of course COVID-19 has not gone away, and so we remain cautious.. hand washing/santising, face masks, avoiding public transport.
However, with a potential second wave looming.. who knows where the world will be at the end of the year?!

GreytExpectations Tue 14-Jul-20 09:51:53

Yes, my husband whilst not a key worker has to go into the office everyday because his job can't be done from home. Fortunately for me I can work from home but I do worry. Not sure what to do, he is being careful now and in the winter (when I'm due) I'm sure he will be even more careful but sadly it's just the way it is, he has to work so what can you do. We have a routine, he comes home, sanitises hands ASAP, changes clothes and puts them in a seperate box in a different room and then showers.
I am already very anxious about my pregnancy so I'm trying not to add any additional worry to it but that's easier said then done!

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