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Creeping blood pressure - how high before I call mw??

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Pheebe Fri 28-Sep-07 15:45:41

Just need some opinions really

Had high bp towards end of pregnancy with DS1, all was well and no intervention needed but mw wants to keep a close eye this time. Has been 120/70 until this week (now 36 weeks). Was 130/75 on Tuesday and mw told me to keep an eye on it as I have a wrist monitor. Today its 140/80 and I have a nagging but not really bad headache but no swelling or flashing lights.

Should I leave it over the weekend or call it in today???

lisad123 Fri 28-Sep-07 16:24:36

i only ever had to call or go in when my bottom number was 90. hth

ziggyf Fri 28-Sep-07 17:13:25

Me too - they only seem to worry when the bottom number is over 90.

ziggy x

brimfull Fri 28-Sep-07 17:23:00

agree,bottom number is the most important .

MIne shot up to 210/135 and I had flashing lights !

I think you'll be fine until monday but if bottom number gets higher than 90 I'd call her.

Also would call her anywya if you're at all worried as the worry may cause your BP to go up.

lulumama Fri 28-Sep-07 17:24:41

if you don;t feel well, or are concerned, then call in.. don;t spend all weekend worrying, that will make your BP higher !

Pheebe Fri 28-Sep-07 19:13:21

Thanks Guys
BP was just 145/90 but I think thats probably because I'm worrying now. Going to have a bath and an early night and see where it is in the morning. I can feel a trip to the FMAU coming on...
Thanks for you help

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